Seven Quick Takes Friday

— 1 —

Two weeks of school done and doner here. This week we started homework. I thought the “new car smell” of the school year would start wearing off. I thought wrong. I have two very eager, for the time being, little guys excited to do their homework every day. So, it’s been kind of fun. William is terrible with details but has made a friends with a little girl whose name he told me is Dacia, but it might not be because William got his dad’s genes when it comes to attention to detail, like names. I realize how that sentences just read. It’s okay. Joseph was selected as his class’ first student of the week. We had a lot of fun picking out pics for him to bring to school and his favorite book and he gets to do show and tell tomorrow. Shelby seems to be having a good week although a few of her classmates have already succumbed to sickness. I am hoping that our good health from last year holds up this year!

— 2 —

This week I had a new experience, working while all my kids are in school. We’ve had a good run of it thus far. I’m getting hours and am up and mobile for several hours during the day. And I get to interact with adults. Always good for me.

— 3 —

Today marks 8 days of the Whole30 challenge. I have mixed feelings about it. Everyone told me I would have more energy, more than a few people told me my skin would clear up (thanks to no dairy), and that all my aches and pains would be gone. Nope. None of that. Even my digestive issues which I was sure would be better without sugar and grains persist. I only had one oops and it was half an ear of corn on the cob on Saturday. That one little slip-up didn’t derail me. I’m persisting and I guess I’m not as surprised that all the curative claims aren’t true for me but I am surprised it’s not been more difficult. I didn’t have any withdrawal symptoms or exhaustion that I was warned of. Which made me think I wasn’t doing it right, but I was reading labels and not cheating, so maybe I’m just lucky? I am losing weight. I am breaking the biggest Whole30 rule and weighing myself. And I’m five pounds down in a week. Now, I lost seven pounds before starting without doing anything, so I’m sure the diet change jump started me. Will it persist with just diet alone? No idea. I guess I need to add some excercise in. So why did I break the rule and weigh myself? Well, because I was getting kind of bored of the food and everyone else I know doing it is having all these breakthrough things happeneing and honestly, because I was curious. I still don’t believe that weight loss is ultimate goal here or motivation (for those calling the Whole30 police on me). I really want to prove to myself and others that eating cleanly is a good thing for over-all health. But, I don’t know, feeling ambivalent is just where I am one week in.

— 4 —

The house is off the market. We’d lowered the price twice. We’d increased the amount of the carpeting/flooring allowance and it didn’t do a bit of good. And now that I’m working almost all days…I just can’t handle showing with the kids in school and we can’t leave our dog in the backyard all day. He’ll bark. We’ll get in trouble. Since this isn’t going exceptionally well anyway, we decided to cut our losses and take it off the market for the time being. We will be moving next summer no matter what. And we will replace the carpeting. This was Jeff’s attempt to “test the market” and our test yielded results. If you have an older house, people want everything brand new inside. Everything. God let us know in a big way, that now was not our time to make a sale but our time to find out what we needed to do to make a sale. Jeff was convinced the carpet would not be a stumbling block because of the carpet allowance. Unfortunately that’s not the case, but live and learn!

— 5 —

Please pray for Courtney and her family. Mama Mary has been a mentor for me raising a very special girl and my heart breaks for her. But I will not be sorry for them, as per Mary’s request. And her reasons are perfect.

— 6 —

So despite my eating plan…I’m kind of craving pumpkin everything. 

— 7 —

You know what… I give…time for bed. Have a great weekend.

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