All the Best Finds

Links guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, smile and feel the gratitude and love.

From CBS News, parents taught their son with Downs Syndrome nothing was impossible. They thought they might have to all learn the painful way, but as it turns out, they were right–nothing is impossible.


Also from CBS, this time from CBS Sunday Morning, an update to a story of a talented man who left everything he knew and loved to save his family. And how they are living what he won’t call the American dream, instead the American reality.


Have you seen the Vine of this lamb? Now don’t you want one?


An ALS ice bucket challenge done right and done local. Bonus: it happened in the city my parents live in.

At Father Z’s blog, St Monica’s instruction to her son as to where her body should be buried. Just like a mother. And a saint.

Cardinal Dolan’s brief reflections on St Augustine and St Monica are not to be missed.

And finally…the video done from Wrightsville Beach’s Surfer’s Healing: