Seven Quick Takes Friday

— 1 —

I was all set to type these up last night and for them to publish and WHAMMO! Fell asleep watching a rerun of Community. I guess I really needed that sleep. Especially because I was up at 3:30 AM to let the cat up, up at 5 when Jeff’s alarm went off, then 5:20 when Joseph climbed into bed with me, 5:30 when I heard Shelby up and making quite a ruckus in her room.

(NSFW, small children…) Well, that’s about what the ruckus sounded like AND I found I was in the beginning stages of an allergy induced migraine. After Shelby got up and was settled, Joseph started wheezing. Because my morning wasn’t awesome enough. I got him set up with the nebulizer and went back to bed. For 30 minutes.

— 2 —

I started the Whole 30 today. I was thinking about and pulled it up online and then the same day I finally looked it up, Haley decided she was going to start it today and started a facebook support group. So, I thought, hey why not. This is obviously something that God felt I should do/try or He wouldn’t have had one of my favorite gals of the interwebs post about it the same day I was looking into it. So far, I’ve have a hard boiled egg for breakfast and a big old mug of hot Irish Breakfast tea sans sweetener. I’m not dying although I did throw my hands up in the air and ask, “Why God! Why!” when I saw that there is no bacon without sugar. And I stupidly bought sweetened flaked coconut for my Monkey salad. I will have to exchange that but other than that, it’s been okay. Oh yeah, wakes up with migraine on day 1…yay me!

— 3 —

Still no movement on the house front. St Joseph, I know you got this!

— 4 —

So, need a first day of school post and all, but all three kids are in school. All have had a great week. All of them love their teachers. That will have to suffice for the time being.

— 5 —

I love working at a store where I get an employee discount. Wow, does it make things more affordable. And they link the same items I get a discount on to my kids’ school. So, double benefits. It also means I get to eat and have a clean house–triple, no quadruple benefits. Sorry,I just had to share.

— 6 —

So, my boys love all the “dog shaming pics” you find on social media. There most recent favorite was a pug who had a sign saying he ate crayons and pooped rainbows. But this one right here, this one is on the money for a dog we know.

My parents have a husky named Padme. Padme likes to chew things she thinks are toys up. Sometimes they are toys. Just not her toys. This summer at the beach she ate Shelby’s plastic Cinderella and attempted to eat Mario’s hat off the boys’ plush Mario. The baby Jesus from the nativity scene…a mere appetizer.

— 7 —

Speaking of Baby Jesus, it’s almost September. Not December. I could really do without the Christmas countdowns I’m seeing EVERYWHERE!

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