Deo Gratias

From Colleen’s blog Thoughts on Grace is her weekly meme Deo Gratias.

Deo Gratias is Latin for “Thanks be to God.” Remembering to give thanks for all of our blessings, big and small, helps us to find God in our everyday moments and gives us an attitude of gratitude!

1. Everyone (except Daddy, his is tomorrow) has had their first day of school and was successful. Deo Gratias!

2. William got the teacher he wanted and loves kindergarten. Deo Gratias!

3. On Monday an unfamiliar but local number popped up on caller-ID. I answered and was delighted to hear the voice of the Children’s Program coordinator for Bible Study Fellowship. How I’ve missed that voice and those ladies. It brightened my day. Deo Gratias!

4. After pondering The Whole 30, the same day I googled it, Haley said she was going to do and started a facebook support group. Since my family cannot participate with me, this is the kick in the pants I need. Deo Gratias!

5. My poor son has had some, not painful but ugly looking, fungus on his toe. I had tried any number of remedies before trying what we’ve found works for athlete’s foot. VaporRub (the Vicks kind). His toe was 90% clearer after just one treatment and he’s less self-conscious about it. Deo Gratias! 


2 thoughts on “Deo Gratias

  1. I never would have thought of using VIcks vapor rub!
    Prayers for a great school year for all!
    Thanks for joining me in this meme.

  2. WOW! I can’t believe your youngest is in Kindergarten already! I hope all of you have a wonderful school year. Great tip about the Vicks, also. We’ve used it on the bottom of feet before when the kids have been sick, but never knew this use.

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