Seven Quick Takes Friday

— 1 —

We went to meet the teacher tonight (typing in at 11:53 pm on Thursday). William got Joseph’s teacher from last year for kindergarten which he is thrilled about. Joseph’s teacher appears to be a great fit for him. And Shelby’s class looks to have some great new strategies and and programs in place for the year. My kids are so blessed to have a good school and good teachers.

— 2 —

The house selling is well, not happening. Well, at least not yet and we figure we’ll probably be here at least through the first semester. We know that even if we have to rent this place out though, we will move by next summer. It’s not the greatest of options, but we’ve been shown it is very viable. Lots of people out there who can make a mortgage payment but not get approved for a mortgage.

— 3 —

Enough of that sorta depressing stuff. We surfed on Monday. 

IMG_1277 IMG_1286 IMG_1292 IMG_1295 IMG_1297

Yep. that’s my girl doing the absolute best thing on her best day of the year. Surfers Healing Camp.This was Shelby’s fourth year riding the waves. This is her absolute favorite thing at her favorite place. And it’s a pretty darn good day for the rest of us too. Surfers Healing camp four years ago was the day I started telling doctors, teachers, therapists etc, “Stop telling me what she can’t do and let her show you what she can,” It was also the day that cemented for me that autism is not a death-sentence or a life-sentence, it can be an amazing blessing and gift. 

— 4 —

Oh, Monday is the first day of school. And the choir said…AMEN!

— 5 —

Last night after praying the Rosary, we prayed the Anima Christi (I want to make sure the boys know it well in advance of receiving their first Holy Communion) and William asked to be defended from the “delicious enemy.” It was all I could do not to start laughing. He had his eyes closed and hands together and head bowed and said it so reverently. 

— 6 —

Also last night, Shelby stayed up til well after 1 AM. Around 8 AM this morning I poked my head in her room and she yelled and pushed me out. This new behavior. And encouraging as well. It means she understands the concept of sleeping in…not often, but she gets it.

— 7 —

I am watching Jackie Burkhart get a promise ring from Michael Kelso on tv right now. To think in real life in a few months the actors who played those characters are going to have a baby girl…man I’m getting old.

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3 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes Friday

  1. Hi Kristen,
    Thanks so much for stopping by my 7QT post and commenting! Great to visit your corner of blog land! I hope your house selling goes better! We also live in the southeast and we have Surfers Healing where I live just minutes from the beach. Could we be living close to one another and not know it? Hmmm…Have a great weekend!

    • Tracy,
      We actually live in Southeastern NC. I know your parents from when we were parishoners at St Mary. We recently changed to St Mark because Father Pat is Shelby’s Godfather and we will probably be moving closer to that area if/when this house sells or we rent it out! Thanks for checking the blog out 🙂

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