Seven Quick Takes Friday

— 1 —

After this weekend…one week left of summer. And I’m officially doing the happy dance.

— 2 —

Oh, yeah, in case you missed it, I have a facebook page for the blog now. It’s about all I can handle at the moment. 

— 3 —

Apparently Constantine the frog, the least scary villain I have ever seen, scares the bejesus out of my almost seven-year-old who’s had nightmares since we got Muppets Most Wanted from Redbox. Sigh.

— 4 —

That last take feels like some kind of huge parenting fail. I mean, first of all, I rented a movie I thought the kids would enjoy and instead it scared one. And then, my gracious, a not-at-all-scary villain scared my kid! Am I raising scaredy cats? Am I not sensitive enough to how sensitive my kids are. Yes, these are the ravings of a mom getting ready to leave summer…

— 5 —

I’ve tried three times to write this take and everytime I’ve felt like meh. Not so much. So…moving on.

— 6 —

And now wordpress is going to drive me crazy with fonts. Such is my life.

— 7 —

Jeff goes back to school next week too. On Thursday. And so, here we go again. And again. At least I only have two days not a whole week this year right as everyone is getting sick of each other!

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