1970’s summer? Well, maybe…


I spent a lot of this summer still plugged into 21st century technology. But, we did our nature walk (total disaster!) and a couple of beach trips. We did our week at the beach and now, now that we have one week left of summer officially, I’ve let go of a lot of technology.

This week, I did all of the Sophia the First puzzles my parents gave Shelby for her birthday with her. I worked on handwriting with William. Joseph and I got quality snuggles in.

This summer has been odder than odd. First of all, the rain. Yes, it rains here during the summer and yes we get thunderstorms and yes tropical storms and hurricanes (have you been where I live before?!) but the endless days and days and days of rain? We could have fully hydrated California with half of what we got and still been well over seasonal norms here. Our beach week was a week of epic rain both at the beach and at home.

So, we’ve spent un-Godly amounts of time watching movies and youtube videos because we ran out of stuff to do and the beach wasn’t an option and with that much rain, flooding became a major concern so going a lot of places (all the indoor ones cost money too!) was not really a great idea. 

We have read books. We have played board games. When it was not raining but awfully darn hot outside, we ran through sprinklers. 

One week left and we’re finally getting dry weather that’s not so humid you can’t breathe when you step outside. Which is perfect for walks around the block and for the boys to help Daddy clean up the yard. 

I wouldn’t call my 1970’s summer idea a fail, maybe misguided at points, but never a fail. Because we don’t live in the 1970’s. We live now. So while pushing my kids out the front door (except Shelby because: SHELBY!) sounded so awesome and appealing, summers when I was a kid were never as hot as they are now. And the idea of them getting struck by lightning is not a pleasant one. 

We’ve gotten the summer we’ve gotten and that’s okay. It’s better than okay.  It’s great. We spent time together and enjoyed each other. I got lots of hours at work. We have no plans to squeeze out every crazy second of the last week, it’ll just happen as it happens. And that part, well, that part’s a lot like a 1970’s summer.