Happy Birthday Jeff…

today I feel like you deserve better, but you got me.

See, today is your birthday. The anniversary of your birth 52 years ago. And we didn’t get you cards or make you a cake. In fairness, I should explain to those reading this that you asked for no cake and to save paper and not make cards. I asked if you wanted a present and you said, “no, save the money for back to school supplies.” I asked what you wanted to eat and you said that I was to use the gift card my mom sent us to the grocery store as your gift and get some steaks they have on sale, and our regular weekly shopping.

You wanted to travel up to look at houses. I said sure without looking at the weather report. It rained and poured. You wanted to go anyway, so we went. We endured fast food and kids who were less than thrilled. I was very underprepared. I didn’t take down all the right information and confused two different properties. But you stayed in good spirits throughout.

I know I’ve been lacking in the whole “getting our home sold and finding a new one” in practical ways. Of course I am praying for God’s will and God’s timing and direction but that doesn’t get people through our door and it certainly doesn’t pick a new neighborhood. And I know you value practical assistance in all matters.

We had brownies after dinner because that’s what you wanted instead of cake. You grilled your own steaks. A more homey wife would have done it for you but, I’m not so great at cooking or baking and don’t grill at all so…

You said you had a very nice birthday, despite all the chaos, the lack of planning on my part, the lack of presents, cake and the weather not cooperating, you still had a good time. And so, yes, you deserve better. But I sure am glad you chose me.

Happy Birthday Jeff, I love you and thanks for putting up with me for one more year!