What it really means for the government to “be in your uterus”

I am sick and tired. Literally but also sick and tired of young, predominantly white, upper classed privileged women saying stupid things like, “Get Out of My Uterus” when referring to pro-life campaigns or yelling “get out of my bedroom” and then demanding for tax payers to pay for their birth control by government mandate. Enough.

There was a time when governments in the US were literally in the uteruses of women. It happened right here in my state. North Carolina had a strictly enforced forced sterilization policy in the early part of the 20th Century. Young women whose only crimes were being, unmarried, poor, minority, disabled, or some combination of the above, had hysterectomies thrust upon them or face other less than desireable consequences. Many were not told the extent of what was being done to them. Okay, let’s be honest almost none of them knew. And it wasn’t until 1977 that we realized we could not negate poverty and drum down welfare costs with a eugenics program and not til 2003 that we officially got that on the books. No, the government of NC spent the better part of almost 45 years in the uteruses of many women quite literally taking away their ability to create new life and causing unspeakable mental anguish. And read the story of the man in that link who was castrated who comes from the area I live in now…I kind of want to throw that in there too and say “what now?!” to the people claiming the government is controlling them by telling private employers that it is okay to deny contraception coverage (and FYI, read the briefs, Hobby Lobby is only not covering 4 contraceptives not refusing all of them). Come back and talk to me when you’ve been wrongly accused, falsely imprisoned and been cleared of charges but no one let you know…and all that AFTER you were sterilized.

And that’s not even to speak of the atrocities done to women around the world that are government sanctioned. And do a little research, there are lots of private and local government groups that give out ABC at low cost or no cost. And yes, they’re in your area. Asking the government to pay for your birth control is inviting it into your uterus. You’ve put out a welcome mat and offered little pigs in a blanket as appetizers. You want it to be between you, your partner, and your doctor then YOU have to pay for it! And no, as NC proved, you can’t even sterilize your way out of a welfare state (FYI surviving victims are getting $50,000 guberment payout now) so gimme all your arguments about it being cheaper than paying for childbirth. And let’s keep it real here, the ones screaming loudest right now, are the ones that just don’t want to be responsible for their own behavior because their parents bailed them out a few times too many as children.

We live in a world where everything: our elderly, our disabled, our children–both born and unborn, and our fertility are throw-away. They mean nothing. If you want to throw your reproductive abilities away, fine, God gave you free will and that’s how you choose to use it. Just don’t ask the rest of us to foot the bill for your sins and scream, “Human rights!” when others were strapped down physically and were, in fact, violated.