10 things I…

So, I’m largely off facebook…because it is such a huge time-waster and our house goes on the market tomorrow so I do not have time to waste. And I have 3 kids off for the summer. Week 1 is almost done! I’ve ventured a little onto facebook. Mostly because I had to make this image my cover photo:


And I had to wish Dad’s happy Father’s Day, of course. But by and large…I’m just not going there. And happily so.

Here is a list of better things I’ve found to do with my time:

1. Clean my house.

Because no matter what it always needs to be cleaned. I live with three children, a cat and a dog. It should really go without saying.

2. Watch the World Cup Football Matches

And I watch them online on Univision’s sight. It’s in Spanish, a language I speak not one word of, but futbol is universal.

3. Re-read my old Judy Blume books.

Because they are all still as good as I remember them. But I’m learning new things from them. I think if you haven’t read Blubber or read it a long time ago, you need to re-read it. Especially as a parent. It is a very clever novel with bullying as it’s central element and it addresses it from the standpoint of a tormentor and tormentee. The edition I own has a note from Judy Blume in the back talking about a bullying situation her daughter witnessed in fifth grade that was the inspiration for the story. This book was originally published in 1974 which shows this is not a new problem and we’re still way behind the ball in how we address it. It also makes you re-think the incorrect notion that bullies torment others because of a deficiency in themselves. In 1974, I’m sure that idea was pretty revolutionary, and while we in general know better now, we also tend to still fall back on that idea as an excuse.

4. Declutter and throw away.

Being a pack-rat is great. Til you want to move somewhere.

5. Water the lawn.

It hasn’t rained here in over a week. My tomato plants are finally producing fruit…now’s not the time for them to die.

6. Chasing children who refuse to keep their rooms clean.

Long story, but you know….

7. Being creative with menu planning

I’d like to avoid using our oven as much as possible. And eat as seasonally as possible.

8. Exercise

Stop laughing everyone.

9. Have Joseph read to me

10. Have fun on twitter (which is so much less time consuming than facebook! I can barely believe it!)

Things I thought I’d be doing but am not

1. Blogging more

I dunno…too much fun enjoying life or some such nonsense.

2. Catching up on blog reading

Again, just not time!

3. Wishing I was on facebook

Because most days, I just don’t care. And that’s a good thing in light of my life.

4. Taking my kids places.

Okay this is just so far, and starting next week it will change. Even though hopefully I will be working a lot more hours next week. Without Jeff’s help, a lot of places are just not easy to take them to. That, and well, gas lately!

5. Sleeping

It’s pretty hard to nap with 3 kids at home, even when 2 are rather self-sufficient and the one who isn’t, loves to lie in bed with you. Plus, I’m having too much fun with them.

6. Having play dates

Summer is just too new for everyone, we all need some kind of de-compression chamber so we don’t get the bends. That’s kind of what this week is for us, at least.

7. Stressing about the move

Whatever will be, will be. Hopefully the house will sell quickly, but I’ve put it in Mary, Joseph and most definitely, Jesus’ very capable hands.

8. Worrying about my cat who lost his collar

He still comes home and mostly stays close to home (that may, in part, because it’s too hot to move outside). He’s happy, we’re happy. We do worry a little, but we’re mostly good.

9. Eating more junk food

I admit I’m trying to cut back but you know what, it’s okay if I have a little but I’m not wanting a lot.

10. Crying about the Rangers loss in the Stanley Cup

I’m actually avoiding thinking about it which is a great thing to do if you want to not cry about it.

Things I’m glad I’m missing on facebook

1. American living in Brazil ranting and raving about how much he hates soccer/futbol and how he’s not a party to any of it.

Pffffft! That’s my big raspberry for ya sour grapes!

2. People arguing with each other on Mark Shea’s posts.

I’m pretty sure Mark is the original Gadfly. I love him, but I’m usually exhausted when reading comments threads on his posts.

3.  People posting blatantly false things and reminding myself it’s not my place to get worked up about them and/or care.

I just saw somewhere that a veterinarian has spoken out against a viral post about not giving your dogs ice water. I’m sure my feed is slammed with the original viral post.

4. People who mistake their status update box for a therapist’s office.

You know who you are!

5. Jerky posts about how much some people hate soccer/futbol and how it’s the most terrible sport ever.

Go stand in the corner and think about what you just said!

6. The weird pictures facebook chooses as the image for links

Don’t get me started

7. Moderating groups

Just, no. Not right now. Give me my summer back.

8. Five hundred people tagging me in autism posts

9. Conspiracy theorists

10. People gushing about a book I’ve deliberately chosen NOT to read nor post on nor apply

Because I’m already doing most of it and you know what, so are a lot of the people gushing. And seriously, I don’t find the author to be a very kind person. I’m sure he/she is pleasant enough, but my encounters have been a holier-than-thou-let-me-smash-your-face-in-with-how-right-I-am-and-how-wrong-you-are kind of thing when asking a question and I’ve witnessed some straight up ugly, so just NO…too many other good things to pass up.