Summer of Kristen update

Yesterday was the last day of school and it was a half day. I’m 4 days off facebook and not feeling sad at all about it.

This morning we had our first outing. It wasn’t great. I’m still considering it a win because there was little to no whining even when it turned out to be less than expected.

I have long wanted to investigate a nature preserve near us called Ev Henwood. It’s run by the local state university (that I happen to be an alumna of). I first heard about it when one of our local news anchors began writing a local newspaper column about being a dad and some of his outings with his kids. I was expecting a state park nature trail. Instead we got a bunch of woods, no real parking, narrow paths (most of which were obstructed and we had to climb around), and oh, these super annoying buzzing moths. They were moths that buzzed. Like bees.

I had been interested in seeing a Tar Kiln on the property. I had hoped for an hour-long outing. It took more like 30 minutes and everyone was ready to go long before that was up. We did see a couple informational signs. And by a couple, I mean two. The kids were awesome while I read them. We all wore hats because ticks. Well the boys alternated trying to fan the stupid moths away while I read. The tar kiln was not spectacular. It was overgrown and barely visible.

I ended up not taking any pictures because the forest was so thick it was dark and the stupid moths! The boys were great sports and Shelby, despite the annoying insect issue, didn’t protest almost at all.

I had told everyone that if we did well, we’d get a treat, well, on our way to Wally World, Joseph said, “Mama, you deserve a treat too!” They did learn some things too, which was great. At Wal-Mart Shelby picked out freezy pops and the boys picked two different kinds of frozen treat. Mama got 2 kinds of gelato, so I did treat myself! They were great too about doing a little shopping for the week while we were there.

I got home and we were relaxing when I decided to check my email. I’m glad I did. Jeff had scheduled a meeting with a realtor for this afternoon! Yikes! I raced around cleaning and making lunch (and then cleaning up from that). I lucked out in that the real estate agent was sufficiently happy at the meeting and Shelby decided to take a nap.

Jeff has to be at graduation tonight so the kids and I decided to make nachos for dinner. We’re excited. I’m hoping my next outing isn’t such a bust but again, we made it out and have a story to tell, so still a win!