The Summer of Kristen

Starting today, it’s the summer of me. Well, me and the kids. I’ve dreamed up a fantastic summer for us. I’m just hoping the reality will live up to the hype.

What is the summer of Kristen you may ask? Well, a little primer on the “summer of” motif:

well, minus the three months pay (I’ll still have to work and Jeff only gets like 6 weeks and it’s unpaid) and the bee (hopefully).

Those of you more active in social media probably have read this article over the last week. And that is exactly what I want summer to be for my kids. We won’t sneak into movies, but we will see $1 movies as often as possible. And I probably won’t be as strict about snacks but I won’t let their diets completely go to hell. But a laid back, as tech-free summer as possible? You got it baby!

Now next year one of the kids will be able to add a half week of camp to that list (real deal, sleep-away camp), but this summer, the world is our oyster. As long as I have money for gas, we’ll be good. Part of my goal is to be as outdoor as possible without getting heat stroke. I think we can manage that. I have insect repellant and sunblock. We have a beach nearby with free parking. We have our in-law’s pool and the nearby city-pool we can utilize. We have parks and walking trails for first thing in the morning. We have a back-yard. We have a hose that’s good for drinking and water play.

Now one very not 1970s element of our summer is summer school. Well, not in the traditional sense of summer school. Four days a week for a few hours each day, Shelby will have extended school year so she doesn’t regress over the break, but for the boys the days are wide open. I’ve even looked into a few day trips where all I would have to provide is the gas to get there and back and food. I’m dreaming big! Hopefully our budget can handle big which means I will be working as much as possible but, there is still lots of time for play.

As a little side note, obviously with all this unstructured fun, I will have to give somethings up. It wasn’t hard to choose. I can’t give up cooking or house-cleaning. But I can give up facebook which sucks the life and fun out of summer like so many bee stings and sunburns. I’ve left my account active but let people know hey, I’m not checking in. I’m checking in to real life and that’s about it.

Plus, with putting the house on the market, showings and possibly packing up and moving, I really don’t have the time for it. I will check in periodically at Google+ because no one ever posts there and it is a great source of news for me as is twitter, but neither seem to require the time commitment facebook likes to demand.

So, here it is, starting today, the summer of Kristen! Whatcha got summer? I’m wide open.


One thought on “The Summer of Kristen

  1. Sounds like it’s gonna be a pretty amazing summer!!! 🙂

    Good luck on the sale of the house, but more importantly, ENJOY!

    Giving up FB… you are a stronger woman than I. LoL.

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