Seven Quick Takes Friday

— 1 —

Look what showed up at my house!


Thanks to my mom who knew how badly I wanted it, I am now the proud owner of our beautiful hostess Jennifer’s new book Something Other Than God. An autographed copy. I hope you’re all as excited as I am! Buy it here! Buy it today!

— 2 —

We survived not only Spring Break last week but our week back this week. I am thrilled to say everyone is back on schedule. For the most part. Thrilled.

— 3 —

This happened this week too.


William had his last week of Bible Study Fellowship. Mine for the study of Matthew will conclude next week. William has loved his year studying Matthew with his new friends and working on his academics too. I have these wonderful women to thank not only for academically preparing William for kindergarten but teaching him of Jesus’ life and sacrifice for us. We are both so thankful God put in our lives wonderful people this past year through BSF.

— 4 —

Speaking of William, my sweet little guy will be five next week. His sweet smile and dimples have been walking around this world for five great years! I can’t wait to see what the next year holds for him and us!

— 5 —

So as I’m typing this Thursday night, I’m watching Seinfeld. It’s as if I’ve reverted to high school in that way. The episode where Jerry is fighting with the New York Public Library about his overdue book. Tropic of Cancer. And, anyway, Jerry brings up to the library “investigator,” surreptitiously named Mr. Bookman, that the girl he was dating while he had the book checked out in high school chewed Black Jack gum. When my brother Matt was in kindergarten, I was in fourth grade. His kindergarten teacher happened to be a man named Mr. Sather who was really cool. Mr. Sather introduced him to Black Jack gum. Actually Beemans, Black Jack, and Clove. And so my parents got us all three. Needless to say, my licorice-averse self was not impressed with Black Jack gum.

— 6 —

Once again we skipped right from winter into summer. And the bugs are vicious this year. As in bit me through my pants and sock on my ankle. I’m not really happy about this development.

— 7 —

And that’s pretty much, it, all, over, done.

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