Spring Break Round-up

Tomorrow at 7:30 and 8 AM, I will put two little people on the school bus to go back to school. Spring break will officially be over.

We ended it with only one injury (boy’s head meets ceiling fan). Shelby had lots of sensory needs. She was able to use her sensory swing and body sock and occasionally her brothers obliged to sit on her lap to provide deep pressure. We put the tent up in the living room and had a playdate. I got the kids clothes switched out for the season and also went through some hand-me-downs. No one got sick save for Jeff’s stomach virus on Holy Saturday. And the weather was all good except for Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday.

It was difficult not having Jeff’s help at times. And we already know next year will be the same. I am hoping next year we may be able to plan more excursions but it’s a whole year away. I had lots of creative bursts which was very good. And all the Easter candy is gone, a bonus to not buying a ton of it.

The kids made lots of “recycled art” and read new books we were given. We had lots of great imaginative play, but also got to play the Wii and computer games not to mention board games.

Jeff was also able to get some work done for his dad at his dad’s house doing some landscaping his dad would rather pay him to do than an overpriced gardener. I have enjoyed getting to sleep in a bit this week but I will be glad we have about five weeks of “normalcy” til we get another break and then it will just be a 3 day weekend and a short reprieve before summer break. I am grateful that 2 weeks into summer, Shelby will have extended school year for 2 hours each morning four days a week which will both keep her in routine and also prevent regression. Bonus, it will give the rest of us time to get non-Shelby related activities in as we need them.

I enjoy having the kids home on break, but we are all ready for it to be over when the time comes.