Yesterday that started with so much promise

…came crashing down when a certain six-year-old came running in the house shortly before dinner scream-crying and clutching his head. When I got him to remove his hand there was a giant goose egg with two small abrasions. I eventually got him to calm enough to tell me he hit his head on a ceiling fan at a neighbor’s home. He was hiding on a top bunk bed and apparently in this room there is a ceiling fan and the kids had turned it on full blast. And when he popped up from his hiding place…well, he’s lucky he didn’t lose an eye. The swelling has gone down and he never lost consciousness or got sick so we’re confident of no concussion.  But man…

So new rules are in place about whose houses we’re allowed to play AT outdoors and not go indoors. He understands the rules and so we’ve moved on. God likes to throw me big surprises sometimes like this. But, I have to be confident in my response. Even if it meant losing an eye, God would not give me or my child more than we could handle. And that is so, so incredibly difficult to contemplate.

I slept part of the night on the couch last night, and part on Shelby’s bed. Shelby slept with Jeff. Joseph slept on the loveseat, William in the chair and then the couch. I needed to be close enough to hear any potential vomiting. Today has been quiet. I made bacon and hashbrowns for breakfast and hot dogs for lunch. I’m keeping Shelby out of the food and out of my bedroom today (making her be a little out of her preference zone). She’s needed decidedly less sensory input today but that’s fine. I work this evening.

If the big kids were at school, this morning would have meant Bible Study Fellowship, but with no one to keep the big kids and in light of a certain six-year-old’s head injury, we’re home.  I am tired, I am half-way through Spring Break and I am joyful and grateful.


3 thoughts on “Yesterday that started with so much promise

    • They are! Thankfully he inherited his father’s hard head. This is the same child who Christmas Day night fell off his own bunk beds (which were a gift from grandparents that year) and hit his head 3 times on a dresser on the way down…thankfully he was okay then too!

  1. Yeesh!!! Ceiling fans can be cruel. Almost happened to Vince a few times when he thought jumping on the bed was a good idea. Ay.

    Thank God he’s okay. So scary, though! My heart leapt while reading this. Yeesh!

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