Some days are just…better

Yesterday was one. Today is another.

Yesterday was our first official day of Spring Break. Can I tell you how I ususally don’t look forward to breaks without Jeff? Cause I don’t.

However, our wonderful friend and neighbor decided to invite us over for a playdate. So, midmorning just as Shelby was beginning to meltdown because I wouldn’t let her into the front closet, the garage, my closet, her closet or my bathroom…I announced we were going to their house. And the choir said, “AMEN!” We enjoyed our friends’ company and hospitality. So many great things were happening. Shelby tolerated their puppy. The boys cleaned up toys when they were done. Joseph got a drumming session in. William got a playdough session in. We were sorry to end our playdate but needed to get home and do some cleaning.

By some miracle, everyone agreed that after lunch and some Wii time, it would be time to clean up. And clean up we did. Shelby’s been especially sensory-needy, so she wanted lots of back-scratches, so I had to allow for short breaks in between tasks but it all got done.

Joseph and Shelby’s wonderful art teacher (also a neighbor!) is big into “recycled art” which is recycled items and re-purpose them as art. For example, when Shelby was in kindergarten, the kindergarteners and first graders collected colored lids and used them to make a community art project. They made a mosaic of the lids of the school mascot, an alligator, that is displayed in the school entryway that is both attractive and inviting. Anyway, Joseph now sees all recyclable material as art supplies, so when we got bottled waters on our playdate, he and William saved theirs. Joseph created a dragon using his water bottle, markers and paper for wings and Will designed a space ship using markers with his water bottle. They came up with everything on their own. I was impressed.

Joseph stepped up and offered to help with Shelby. She was in desperate need to deep pressure and she prefers the boys to sit on her to achieve this. So he sat in her lap. She bear hugged from behind but eventually it was making his chest sore so he let her squeeze his hands while he held her arms out. Jeff came home to this and I’m pretty sure he was a proud daddy.

I headed off to work that evening with Jeff feeling very capable with three kids who were playing outdoors (Shelby was in her sensory swing) and no one melting down or wigging out. I came home that night and the boys were still up playing the Wii and Shelby was asleep in our bed with Jeff. They went to bed when I asked and I got to watch Castle and Community and a bit of That 70’s Show before heading off myself.

I woke up this morning with a migraine. And not just any migraine but the migraine to end all migraines with sinus pressure and neck tension. The boys had gotten themselves up and were playing quietly in the living room. I was able to ask Joseph to get Shelby up. She wanted to play quietly alone her room, so I let her while I managed to rouse myself.  We stumbled through breakfast together and I managed to take some Tylenol.

I decided today would be the day to change the kids’ clothes out migraine or no. Shelby’s clothes were easy and I did them quickly after breakfast. I was going to veg out a little before taking on the boys’ clothes but a fight between Joseph and William assured me it needed to be dealt with ASAP. So, with their help and Shelby on the top bunk raiding William’s candy (which he willingly allowed her to do because he’s an awesome baby brother like that) we knocked it out in less than 15 minutes. The boys decided to play with toys in their room while I slowly started lunch. I got some whole wheat pita bread last week because I love it so I made myself some tuna salad which will be my lunches for the week. The boys, as always, were easy for lunch. Peanut butter sandwiches. With Raspberry jam for Joe, just peanut butter for Will. Shelby wanted a big scoop of peanut butter. I managed to convince her to have some pineapple and since she ate several clementines on our playdate yesterday, I think we’re having a great fruit week here for her. (The pineapple is hit or miss, so I always consider it a win!) I’ve managed to keep up with the dishes and laundry the last few days which is a minor miracle too.

After lunch, William decided to make a recycled art dragon too. Only he wanted to use toilet paper rolls. I managed to find a couple and he had so much fun making his own. He named it “DragonStrong.” I think this is partly after hearing so much “Boston Strong” the last few days but this Yankees fan will take it!

Joseph also helped William trace one of their Skylanders and William cut it out which is good because scissoring is a fairly new skill for him. William also willingly practiced writing his name.

The boys then went to play outside together briefly before William decided he was ready for “quiet time.” He is now relaxing in my bed watching Spongebob. Joseph has gone out to ride bikes with the neighbors and Shelby is having quiet book time in her room. My headache is FINALLY abating and I’m going to probably join William in resting for a few minutes.

God has truly given me these better days to remind me of His glory. As Ann Voskamp says, we are a “resurrection people” we are those who bask in His love, His mercy and His joy always. And sharing those things is our gift back to Him.