Half-Way Through Easter Sunday Check-In Before the Sugar Coma overtakes us

Last week Jeff was on Spring Break and tomorrow starts the kids’ Spring Break. So, it’s been an interesting week and I’m sure the week to come will be equally as fun.

Joseph had Field Day on last Wednesday. Shelby was supposed to have a make-up field day that day, but she woke up and had a melt-down that morning. We haven’t had that happen in over 2 years and she hasn’t had a mental health day from school at all this year, so I made the executive decision to keep her home with William and I. This meant I couldn’t go to field day, but it was for the best. It was super cold and windy after weeks of beautiful weather and it rained enough to make one think we needed an ark Tuesday. After I got Joseph on the bus I snuggled Shelby who felt very feverish (probably the reason for the meltdown). She spent the day in my bed watching Elmo and Spongebob.

Thursday was a hugely busy day for us. Jeff was joining William, Shelby and I at Special Olympics. This was Shelby’s third year participating and Jeff’s first chance to come see her. Shelby is in the “young athlete program” through her school which gives her exposure to swimming, bowling, drum therapy and horseback riding. Most of the kids in her class are in the developmental activities which include things like short runs, softball throws and the like. Shelby did not participate in any events. Instead she enjoyed arts and crafts and many more fun activities including cheering on her friends and drum circle.

IMG_1012 IMG_1013 IMG_1014 IMG_1021 IMG_1024

In the first pic, William was drawing Angry Birds, in the second Shelby was tracing and “writing” her name. This is the first attempts we’ve ever seen and her first attempts outside of the classroom to write her own name. William loved drum circle.

Friday we went with Joseph’s kindergarten class to the aquarium. There are approximately 100 kindergarteners at Joseph’s school and pretty much all of them were there for the field trip. We met his class at the aquarium. Jeff and I were both chaperones and we were assigned Joseph and another little boy (we also had William with us) to keep track of. We were a little disappointed that instead of a guided tour by aquarium staff, it was basically a free-for-all. Joseph’s teacher had wanted us to tour the aquarium as a group but we quickly had to abandon that idea. Joseph, his friend and William had a great time. We got to see an albino alligator, tons of fish and sharks, an octopus, jellyfish, seahorses and the like.

IMG_1027 IMG_1029 IMG_1031


The boys were tired by the time we got the shot with the megalodon jaws, and our first, good attempt, was marred by a teenager also on a field trip photobombing us from the wrong side. Am I the only one tired of photobombing? Pretty much if you’re not The Rock, Benedict Cumberbatch or a stingray, you shouldn’t be doing it…

Joseph continued his field trip with a ride on the ferry back to our county and lunch at a park. We went home after the aquarium.

Saturday we had plans to go to Jeff’s dad’s house but at 5 AM, Jeff was up with a stomach virus. Thankfully, he’s the only one whose gotten sick at our house. We were rained in all day. The boys played the Wii most of the day and I kept Shelby from destroying the entire house and bothering Jeff too much. I did manage a quick trip out to get some groceries. We had pizzas for dinner because I didn’t feel like doing anything too ambitious. We boiled some pasta for Shelby. We watched Hop and had an early night in because the boys know they don’t get an Easter basket til after Mass on Sunday and that in order to get a parking space and seat, we go to the sunrise service.

5:00 AM came early and I was out of bed and in the shower by 5:15 and feeling every second of it. I got the boys up, fed, dressed and after finding someone’s missing shoes and someone else making a last minute shirt change, we were on the road. We slid into the very front pew 30 seconds before mass started. But there were still lots of empty seats. The boys were very well behaved and actually both enjoyed mass. Joseph said it was the quickest mass ever, which was only because Communion was so short because mass was so early! We got home and cleaned up around the house before getting Easter baskets.


Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, those are boxes of Cheerios in their Easter baskets. We do not typically allow sugary cereals so holidays, birthdays, vacations, times of celebration, we break out some sugar. So they got Honey Nut, Chocolate and Frosted Cheerios in their baskets. I scored on $1 hollow chocolate bunnies too. And wouldn’t you know, Shelby is a chocolate lover like Mama. Her favorite is Mama’s favorite, Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs! The boys, like Daddy, prefer candy but were thrilled with their chocolate too! Will and Joseph tried Cadbury eggs for the first time. I don’t like the original creme eggs, too sweet, but like the caramel creme and chocolate creme and the boys approved of both!


One of our Lenten exercises involved putting a lentil (get it, Lent-il) into a jar whenever we did good things for others. Well, those transformed into jellybeans on Easter Sunday. Here is Will with the jellybeans. We talked about how small deeds for others are like seeds we plant and that these seeds grow into something sweet, love, hope, faith, charity, etc. The kids loved this activity and sought out ways to serve one another during Lent. I also loved this activity because instead of a million loose jelly beans rattling around their baskets, they were all in one place and less likely to be all over the place.

Jeff made us a nice lunch and we’ll be having a very festive dinner later (no lamb…we opted for roasting a chicken instead). We didn’t get to dye eggs this year with Jeff being sick (someone has to be one on one with Shelby or she breaks all the eggs) and I’m sad we didn’t get to either Holy Thursday mass or our parishes Via Cruces, but I know we kept Jesus front and center and the kids had a great time. I’m coming down from my morning sugar high now, time to take a quick nap before we whip up dinner!