Obligatory Shrove Tuesday Post

So, here at Chez H we like to have blini for breakfast on Shrove Tuesday. So, mama got up early and assembled batter from a new recipe. No. 1000 times No. It was a fail. Thankfully we had bacon. Because bacon makes all things better and I can think of no better food to eat on the day before Ash Wednesday.

Jeff had a two hour delay this morning for weather that affected the county he worked in. While it was cold as it’s been all winter this morning here, thankfully we had no precip and therefore, school went on like always. William and I enjoyed snacks and movies today indoors as it was too brutally cold to even begin to think about anything outdoors.

I was able to finish  my BSF work from last week this afternoon. After getting the kids off the bus, Joseph finished his homework for today and tomorrow since we will be going to mass tomorrow evening. Joseph chose to take his one of Jeff’s old workbooks from when he student taught first grade and work on some additional math. Joseph is in kindergarten but found the work enjoyable. He also even said, “Mama this is really fun!” Score!

For dinner we had tacos because to me they are another great food to have the day before Ash Wednesday. My work sells King Cakes, so I picked one up after my shift last night and brought it home. The boys agreed that Daddy should find the baby so that Daddy would have to buy the cake next year…well…Daddy decided that he wasn’t going to have any cake and what fun would it be if Daddy got it anyway?








Guess who found it?!



The boys are giving up screen time during the weekdays for Lent. Jeff has not mentioned if he’ll even attempt anything…that’s fine. For me, I’m going to add a couple of things. As I said before I won’t disclose any specifics but I’m also asking God to use my children as examples for my faith. As Jesus said in Matthew 19: 14 but Jesus said, “Let the children come to me, and do not prevent them; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” And so that is what I aspire to this Lent.


3 thoughts on “Obligatory Shrove Tuesday Post

  1. I was going to restrict screen time for the kids for Lent. But that got thrown back if not out this morning when Cecilia began throwing up.

    I love Shelby’s pajamas… so cute!

    • Ugh! Well, at least we know there is always something else we can find that is penetential, like cleaning up throw-up. Poor Cecilia, I know she wanted to get her ashes and who likes being sick! That is actually Will 🙂 but he and Shelby look so much alike it is hard to tell. Shelby decided against cake.

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