How do you Shrove?

Mardi Gras, Carneval, Shrove Tuesday. It happens TOMORROW!

I’m not only not exceptionally ready for Lent, I’m not ready for tomorrow. Well, I know we’ll have blini for breakfast because blini and tacos for dinner because tacos and if my work has anymore King Cakes, I’ll get one tonight for dessert. Since I won’t go to Ash Wednesday mass til  Wednesday evening I will be attempting to not break the fast until I receive the Body of Christ and at that time then have my small-ish dinner of meatless spaghetti. Aim high, people, let the gluttony reign on Tuesday so the body can mourn on Wednesday.

Since I announced last week that I may have found my sacrfice, I’m since doubting it would be completely appropriate. I decided after last year that I wasn’t going to publicly announce what I had given up so I might tell everyone I got it. And then not speak of it again. Much less say what “it” is.

But, I’m interested. Does anyone go to parish Mardi Gras parties? Or have one at home? I am seeing pics out of Brazil and Munich. I am not that interested in going to New Orleans for Mardi Gras as I am sure it is one party I would regret showing up for. But has anyone ever gone and had a great time where no one lost their pants? And never found them?