This is my Day 6 Post

I worked today and I was exhausted. It was NOT ideal. So, I’m super strapped for ideas tonight. I’ve been off my game since Wednesday when we had sweet girl’s surgery. And I’ve just never caught up.

It’s definitely NOT ideal, but it is what it is.

My life is a series of not unfortunate, but bizarre events, for sure. I am only about 50% on my previous declaration of a Lenten sacrifice because I needed to get Jeff on board with it and he’s not at all. I could still do it without him but I really don’t want to…so back to what to give up. Think I have something to add…but will need to explore that in the next few days.

So, what, if anything, do you do for Shrove Tuesday? We will probably make blini again this year. Not sure if I want to do a King Cake or not, but very tempted. Tomorrow we go to Jeff’s dad and step-mom’s house for a get-together. Wednesday will be full. Mass and Bible Study Fellowship. Monday I have to work. Friday, the kids are off school for a teacher workday and Saturday is our 11th wedding anniversary. So, I’m geared up for another insane week. At least Friday we can have fish fry for dinner.

I am hoping that somehow I get to sleep a little at some point. I promise I will finish the blogging week strong tomorrow. One way or another.


One thought on “This is my Day 6 Post

  1. Since James doesn’t have to go to work on Tuesday, we are planning on going out to a nice meal for Mardi Gras. We are thinking either Mexican, Cracker Barrel or Chilis. Regardless of which it is, it will be a nice indulgence before Lent. 🙂

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