Seven Quick Takes Friday

— 1 —

So, as with all things autism, surgery Wednesday was unexpected. Unexpected in that nothing unexpected happened. I mean we had no dramatic screaming going back to surgery (although she did protest I was told back in the room being put under) and there was no drama at all about the food. She did ask for a cookie (seeing as the cafe is right next to the surgery registration, fail). And even waking up, although she was not happy about the iv, there was almost no drama at all. And we got to home a full 30 minutes earlier than our earliest estimate. Unexpected for sure.

— 2 —

Reign. So, I’ve been tempted by this show like nothing else on television but I was hoping that The Michael J Fox show would make it so I haven’t watched it. Then I found out that Catherine de Medici was played by Megan Follows who I adored as a child with her portrayal of Ann-with-an-e Shirley in the PBS version of Anne of Green Gables et al. And I was further intrigued. So, The Michael J Fox show and Sean Saves the World were both canceled and so, I didn’t really want to watch Hollywood Game Night and so I decided I would swing on over. Of course it was a terrifying episode. But they probably all are to an extent, I realize. And so, I am hooked. One episode in. So I am now going to have to hunt down every episode I’ve ever missed. Because, I’m obsessed. One episode.

— 3 —

In a little over a week I will have been married 11 years. Which doesn’t even seem possible because my brain is convinced I am still 19…all evidence to the contrary aside. 11 years and we dated for 3 years and were engaged for an entire year before those 11 years. So, fifteen years total. We have absolutely no plans for this day because we never have plans for events like these. But we are definitely married for 11 years.

— 4 —

You know what makes everything better. Doughnuts. No, I’m serious. Doughnuts. They are yummy, they are full of calories and they are sweet. Doughnuts. They make everything better. No, I don’t own a scale. Although I really should. 😉

— 5 —

I might have found my Lenten sacrifice. Remember when I said I prefer quick, intense pain to something drawn out. Well, can I rethink that. God was listening all too well. Because if this happens, it will be quick and intense and then a long slow stabbing pain that will actually last long past Lent.

— 6 —

Weddings. Weddings are totally on the brain right now. My cousin’s wedding was last week on Friday. My brother-in-law is getting married this October and my brother is getting married June of 2015. My cousin’s wedding was up in Buffalo so we weren’t able to attend but it sounds as though my parents and 2 brothers (and one fiance) who did go had a great time. But my kids have never been to a wedding. Most of our friends have already gotten married (before we had kids) as have siblings. My married brother eloped so we’re going to our first wedding as a family. And yeah, not worried.

— 7 —

Let me tell you about my son Joseph. Joseph is six. Joseph is in kindergarten where he is learning how to read. And is forming opinions. Joseph is my “enforcer” child. Meaning he has the overwhelming urge to back me up with his siblings. I cannot tell you how many times I ask him to point to the Mommy in the room and tell him when I need his back-up, I will request it. He is a gamer who envisions heaven as a giant arcade. He loves Star Wars. And despite looking like his father with his blond hair, blue eyes and pale skin, he shares my big toe is the biggest toe, freckles and love of our cat.

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