Link-Up #Fail

So apparently I was supposed to TELL YOU GUYS that I am participating in Jennifer Fulwiler’s 7 posts in 7 days



So, um yeah. Subtle failure has been a life-motif of late. Allow me to illustrate: on Saturday I showed up to work 30 minutes early because apparently I forgot how to read my schedule last week and that the :30 means thirty minutes after the hour. Unfortunately I wasn’t needed that early so I couldn’t clock in and work. Oh, well, I had 30 minutes of uninterrupted silence in the breakroom. That was a little bit of heaven right there.

Yesterday I forgot to send Shelby’s school notebook with her. And I’ll tell you right now, it’s not integral to her day so I did not drive it to school. Yes, I am THAT mom.

And I am also detoxing from my Olympics binge. Because I am super obsessed with the Olympics, particularly the Winter Olympics. There is something to love about snow culture and sports thrown together. Seriously. But through the withdrawals are posts like this and this. And pics like this that haunt but somehow also make me feel peaceful, if that makes any sense (I know, it doesn’t).

Reuters Sarajevo Bobsled

Photo credit Reuters

Yes that was the bobsled track as it was in 1984 in Sarajevo and as it is now (check out the first link for more pics specifically of Sarajevo which are even more haunting and much more tragic than this one). And if you’re like me and just like to cry a lot you should watch this profile of Paralympic swimmer Jessica Tatiana Long: Jessica Long: Long Way Home

and this one of the late Sarah Burke and her quest to get Ski half-pipe added to the Olympics: Sarah Burke Profile,

and this one of the Yaroslavl Lokomotiv Hockey team and the tragedy that befell them: Yaroslavl Lokomotiv.

I spent a lot of this weekend watching these and crying. Crying a lot. Good crying, but still, crying.

So, yeah, the Olympics have bowled me over again.

And I still have no idea what I can/should/will give up for Lent.

And then there also is this little matter of my daughter. Tomorrow she will have dental surgery that she will have to go under general anesthesia for, so prayers please for her and Mama and Daddy.

What else: I’ve embraced my inner-twitterer and that’s where all the fun is now. Well, there and instagram. And here. So much more here now too. What with the link-up and all.

So, is your brain jumbled enough? Good come back tomorrow. Hopefully something of substance will appear.