Five Favorites



I’m all about some Olympics. Particularly Winter Olympics. So here we go my five favorite events (and yes, I cheat).

1. Snow-boarding

girls snowboarding


In particular these three: Torah Bright (AUS), Kaitlyn Farrington (USA) and Kelly Clark (USA). If you watched their medal winning performances and bear-hug you would too. It’s no secret I adore board sports and the athletes who partake of them and these girls are shining of examples of why. The cameraderie, the friendly competition and the just awesomeness.

2.Sliding Sportsnpp skeleton

That’d be skeleton, luge and bobsled. Obscure sports unless you’re German or from Lake Placid or Salt Lake City and maybe Squaw Valley…I’m in awe of the dedication because most athletes have to either train without a coach or relocate completely as training is so sparse in most parts of the country. And the speed is pretty awesome too!

3. Ice Dancing

It has become, by far, my favorite of the ice dancing disciplines. I think the precision of the lifts is more complicated not to mention the unison required in the footwork. And it was fun to watch how many different ways the same steps could be interpreted.

ice dance


No, those aren’t the Americans Meryl Davis and Charlie White (who won the first US gold in the sport) it’s Ekaterina Bobrova and Dmitri Soloviev of Russia during their long program to Madness. Which was both innovative and a gutsy move for Russians so steeped in ballet and tradition. (Also my favorite dance of the Olympics.)

4. Biathlon

biathalonOr as my boys call it, skiing and shooting. It’s cross country skiing and shooting a gun, I mean, what’s NOT to love??

5. Freestyle Skiing: Moguls

bilodeauIt’s brutal and takes skill AND time. And then there are these two. Alexandre and Frederic Bilodeau. Alexandre became the first moguls skiier in Olympic history to defend his gold medal successfully. And both times he did it with his brother Frederic, who has cerebral palsy, cheering for him. He skies for his brother who is not able to. And together they are showing the world how important those with different abilities are.