Seriously Guys…

My life feels like the most absurd right now.

Let’s see it all started almost two weeks ago. The week the kids were out of school for four days straight for the ice-maggedon that crippled the area. We were all stuck indoors and far away from civilization. At least, it felt that way. The kids could only barely go out to play for all the slipping and sliding with biting wind and  single digit temps. Well, that threw a week into complete chaos. I even had to call out of work Thursday night because our driveway was still a sheet of ice and it wasn’t safe to even back our car out.

Then Friday, the thaw began so Jeff headed out. We needed groceries and staples. He went to “run errands” and came back with a new car.

Backing up, last year we started with our ’99 Jetta, ’89 Honda Civic and a ’05 Passat. The Passat had been Jeff’s dad’s that we got from him when he upgraded his car around Christmas 2012. The Jetta we had had since 2000 and the Civic since about 2004. Well, the Civic died in the Spring. It died on Jeff while on his way to work forcing him to call out that day. Come fall we started having all kinds of car issues. I had a tire shred on the Passat, the struts and CV joints went on the Jetta. It was not a happy time but we got through it.

Then in the middle of the month, the Jetta just decided to die. Jeff went to start it and nothing. So Friday we had AAA tow it to be repaired. But while Jeff was running errands he talked to the mechanics and decided to cut our losses. We traded it in for a pre-owned Civic. We are happy with the car so far. The gas mileage is great making it a perfect car for Jeff to use for his commute.

So, ended January with a new car. Then last week the kids managed a whole week of school but Jeff had a delayed opening one day. Thankfully the call came from the school system just seconds before he got to the door to leave, so he was able to take a little more rest. But it was still crazy for the kids because Shelby had a physical and Joseph had no homework because the teachers just asked that he complete his homework from the previous week which he had already done during the snow ice days.

The week was over so quickly that I woke up suddenly on Saturday and thought…already? Really?

Last weekend we had Jeff’s mom’s birthday which required a day trip with the kids up to see her and then Sunday the most boring Super Bowl ever. Poor game, bad commercials. All that was worth it was the half-time show, which was the best in recent memory (read: the last 10 years).

By far my favorite thing that has happened in the last week has been the start of the Winter Olympics. I love the winter games. I love the snow. I love the ice (the controlled ice in a rink). I love the sports that aside from the X-Games and rare world cup broadcasts. And I love the diversity, the pageantry, the international crowd.

Oh I got the taxes done. I guess that’s a huge plus too. It was not as painful as it could have been: we don’t own anyone this year.