Seeking Quiet

Be Still and know that I am Lord

Psalm 46:11

My word for 2014  is “quiet” and quiet is something that is rare in my house. Someone always needs something.  Shelby needs to be changed. Joseph needs help with homework. Will just needs. And I am raising three very vocal children. Some can speak, others can’t but they are all vocal.

And that doesn’t even count the animals living in my home. The dog barks at everything and the cat is not shy either.

If I want quiet, I have to actively seek it out. And it’s not easy.

I have to get up earlier or stay up later. I have to lock myself in the bathroom at times. I have to close my eyes and just imagine it other times. And it’s broken pretty quickly. I get up a half hour earlier and I hear Shelby moving in her room. Or the doorbell rings as soon as I lock the bathroom door. So, the search continues on and on.

I don’t know that I’ve prayed specifically for the intention of quiet, at least not formally, but I know I’ve sent up a random thought or two of  the”I just want some quiet!” variety. And I guess God has been listening. Some sort of random things have happened that I’m sure were God’s way of giving me the quiet I am seeking.

It all started when I became irritated that I couldn’t have 300 windows up at one time in Chrome. And, I could not especially keep up any kind of social media and news sites up together. And suddenly, I realized, I could pray with the Perpetual Adoration site up and not be distracted by five hundred different indicators or notifications. It was a relief to know that only one thing at a time was getting my attention.

Then something very seemingly unrelated happened last week. We ran out of soda. I’m not kidding. And after going soda-less on Thursday, I went to do the grocery shopping last Friday and didn’t buy any. Instead I bought lemons and cucumbers. And have been drinking water flavored with lemon and cucumber ever since. And I’ve found my concentration is better without the extra sugar, the additional caffeine. And my brain feels less busy. Less frenetic. Quieter.

And I read last weeks Seven Quick Takes I read how Jen is using a Kindle Paperwhite to read on and how she likes how  it limits distractions (no need to Google) and how it helps her drift off to sleep because it can have the backlight turned off so it appears more like a regular book. And it clicked with me. It made total sense. If the distractions aren’t there, your brain won’t be tempted to them. And spending more time away from my computer in general can greatly help my quiet.

It continues to be a difficult and crazy quest for quiet. I have found that just going cold turkey with something causes me to obsess over it and is not healthy for me. However, when it is largely beyond my control and my brain is less wired up, it is much easier for me to ignore distractions and certainly not crave them.

Quiet. Prayerfully I seek this.