Turning and Turning, Volume 1, Episode 4

Like sands through the hour glass…

What we were up to this week at Chez H:

1. We had a five day weekend. By Wednesday everyone was glad the big kids had 2 days of school coming up. Joseph was decidedly bored and said so. Shelby was too and showed it by deciding to be as destructive as possible.

2. We had a post-Christmas/pre-Candlemas celebration this week when the gifts from my grandparents arrived. The kids got some warm pjs from my grandparents, jackets from my aunts and a book and gift certificate. They loved getting to open presents at an unexpected time.

3. I started the ardous task of ripping “the rest of my cds” [read: anything outside of Christmas music and my top 20] on this new computer into iTunes…it’s not as fun as you might think.

Things I learned this week:

1. Yes, having too many days off of school is totally  a thing.

2. 1994 was 20  years ago.

3. I can go a few days without soda. As long as I have water with cucumber and lemon.

4. Keeping up with blogs is still hard.

5. Evernote. God help me, another thing to be addicted to.

6. I am slowly loving twitter much more than facebook.

7. Quiet is much better than I ever could have imagined.

8. Catholic school children playing Ave Maria on the violin during the Offertory makes me cry.

What I’ve been reading/pondering:

1. From Dr Greg Popcak at Catholic Exchange Five Ways to Cultivate Joy.

2. Also at Catholic Exchange, Stephen Beale talks about Charity in terms of the Chaos Theory.

3. From Sacerdotus on the death of Avonte.