Turning and Turning Volume 1, Episode 3

What we’ve been up to at Chez H this week:

1. Asthma-geddon the sequel came with Joseph having a small cold. And he missed his first full day of school :(. I had hoped for his kindergarten year to be full-day absence free, but it was just not to be.

2. The car died. Well, when Jeff went to start it Wednesday morning, it wouldn’t. So, we’re a one car family til February 1.

3. The boys beat the entire game of Super Mario Brothers on the Wii.

4. Jeff had exams for his students at school. Which means extra stress/pressure on the teacher too. And they’re almost, but not quite done.

5. Shelby has a cold 😦 We’re not happy, but we’re managing.

What I learned this week

1. Community! It is for all of us, even me, the introvert who NEEDS her quiet individual time. I am now a moderator/admin of  a neighborhood facebook group. Hey, it’s a start!

2. For the promise of cake, my children will do anything. (And I will never abuse that privilege because making cake requires cleaning the mess up!)

3. It makes me smile up to my ears when someone says they heard a certain song on the radio and thought of me, or heard about the Super Bowl half-time show and wanted to make sure I knew about it. Or just tags me on facebook not to get me to “like a picture for a contest” but because the post reminded them of me in the best possible way.

4.I’m bad at advice when asked for it. Moral of that story: don’t ask me for advice.

What I’m reading and pondering

1. From Betty Duffy, on Pope Francis being pro-life.

2. At Catholic Exchange, Father Ed Broom talks about five ways to practice conversion.

3. Also at Catholic Exchange, Gayle Somers talks of how Scripture Speaks and this is no Ordinary Time.

4. From Elizabeth Esther on being a Rebellious Catholic and learning The Church is always right.

5. From Catholic Review, Pope Francis on Baptism.