Sunday Snippets–A Catholic Carnival

I am joining RAnn this week for her weekly round-up at This, That and the Other Thing.

So, what did I write about this week? Well, for starters there was my post about person-first language and how some with disabilities are rejecting it. For full disclosure for those perhaps not familiar with my blog, I am the mother of a child with autism.

Then, there was a really bad day of “in real life” encounters that inspired me to write about why I love social media.

And because I can’t walk around, I have to step right in the middle, I decided to weigh in on the 32 baptisms in the Sistine Chapel and why no one should be surprised by what Pope Francis said in the homily nor about the whole “irregular marriage” debacle. 

The same day, I decided to talk about loving people. And how it is, in fact, difficult.

And my post for Faith Fridays on the subject of Baptism.

As for the Question of the Week: Question of the week: This week’s question is from Anthony: Did you get your “patron saint of the year”from Jen Fulweiler? If so, who was it?

Yes, I did. I got St Jerome who fits perfectly with my current study, particularly Bible study. I wrote more about that here.

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