I’m supposed to be reading blogs to complete Turning and turning…

but instead, I’m playing on instagram and tumblr and avoiding ESPN’s website (because we don’t get CBS real well on our antenna). And writing this post. And turned off twitter AND facebook. So there! Quiet it is. Except it isn’t.

The dog is barking that he has to be fed. Right.this.second. (done)

And the kids are screaming at their wii game. SCREAMING at it. Seriously.

And Jeff sits on his laptop on the couch in the middle of the melee. He can just tune it out.

But me, I’m an auditory processor, I cant’ do it. It will grate on me. Til I just can’t handle it anymore. And then, I explode. And I don’t like exploding. The kids don’t like me exploding.

So, I’m typing up a blog post instead with my earbuds in and turned up. Fact: I listen to music loud. Really, really, loud. All the time, really, but moreso when I’m attempting to avoid things. Like football scores.

Or loud children that are fighting over absolutely nothing. Nothing that needs to be resolved. Nothing serious.