Seven Quick Takes Friday

— 1 —

You know how a week leaves you completely wrung out and exhausted but you have no idea what you did? Yeah, that was this week here.

— 2 —

And the weather is schizophrenic. In the last 2 weeks we have had the bone chilling teen temps with single digit wind chill, days we could wear shorts and thunderstorms.


— 3 —


I was a huge fan of the series Parenthood in its first two seasons, but then everything got…contrived. The team of Katims, Grazer and Howard had lost their touch and the show seemed to revolve around Adam and Kristina’s life never having an easy moment (aspergers, job loss, new baby, daughter pulling away, cancer), Sarah dating only the wrong men and changing jobs like she was walking through a turnstile, Amber following in her mom’s footsteps with men and her dad’s with always turning to alcohol. The only things I didn’t find completely contrived were Joel and Julia’s struggles in their marriage, anything with Drew and Crosby getting serious about his life. Well, all that changed last night. Instead of Jason Katims revolving door of Friday Night Lights alums (Michael B Jordan, Matt Lauria etc etc) the show featured highly Ray Romano’s character Hank and John Corbett’s return as Seth. And, wow, just wow. Hank explored his likely diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome which was both heartbreaking and inspiring. Seth was “found” by Amber as she was spiraling out of control after her break-up with Ryan and after keeping her from driving off drunk, brought her home and asked Sarah if he could have a chance to be Amber’s father and try to help her through this. Sarah, who has major control issues with her kids–in particular, Amber–is being forced to move out of her comfort zone and it’s not involving men or jobs. BREAKTHROUGH! This is what the series needs right now, more Joel and Julia, more Seth and Amber and more Hank.

— 4 —

And our car drama, it continues! Back in November we had to make major repairs to both cars to the tune of $1100. However, both are still in need of some work, so the plan was get the older car worked on in January and the other one in February. So, the older car went into the shop around New Years and was fixed. Everything was on schedule til Wednesday when Jeff went out to start the older car and it didn’t. It’s the ignition, so, for the remainder of the month we are down to one car, the older one will be fixed in Feb and the repairs on the other car will wait. One.more.month.

— 5 —

I didn’t make any New Years Resolutions. That just dawned on me. I’m not a fan of them, but some people are. Oh well, next year, maybe.

— 6 —

It’s 8:30 AM EST and my youngest is not up yet…this is kind of disturbing.

— 7 —

I got nothing else. Have a great weekend.

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