Turning and Turning Volume 1, Issue 2

Like sands through the hourglass…

What we’ve been up to at Chez H:

1. A full week of school for everyone. Daddy went back on Monday too. But we didn’t get to go to Bible Study Fellowship this week because…

2. Tuesday and Wednesday we had two hour delays for cold temps. Which seems to bring out the ugly in everyone I know.

3. I finished Rome Sweet Home and moved onto Matthew Kelly’s Rediscovering Catholicism. How I’ve found any time to read in our crazy week is something I’m not quite sure how it happened.

4. It’s been nice to not only have Joseph back in school but able to play after he finishes homework each night outside (weather permitting). The whole asthma-ggedon we lived through over Christmas was no joke. I am so glad I did opt for him to get his flu shot this year, because I don’t know how we might have survived hospitalization (which we almost faced anyway).

Things I learned this week:

1. Miller Lite is not the solution to any problems, but for me, it can’t hurt either. And in those retro-throwback white cans. I seriously wish I had never seen the commercials advertising it.

2. I know what Littmus Lozenges taste like now. They taste like the tears you shed when you cut the “baby’s” hair for the first time at his request.

3. I get seriously annoyed with people who complain about things like school delays and closures not because they are inconvenient (I can abide that, they are inconvenient whether you work or not) but when they say things like “I used to walk five miles in 13 below weather with -30 degree windchill through six feet of snow, uphill, both ways.” I especially enjoyed the people who complained that this was an exclusively southern thing. Nope, districts in the northeast and even Chicago Public Schools were closed due to the cold temps. To people in both those camps, I wanna say, “okay, you’re better than everyone else, you win the internet and here’s a cookie.” Because, seriously? Who cares what you did when you were ten in Piedmont, ND? Not me, that’s for sure. (End rant.)

4. When recommending muffin flavors for husband’s students’ breakfast cafe, do not suggest butter rum even if it is your favorite because it contains rum and these are high school students.

5. Yes, reading blogs can be exhausting and no, I’m not all that good keeping up with it!

Here’s what I’ve been pondering this week:

1. From Rod Dreher at The American Conservative on the disunity of atheists. Pardon me, but I am laughing. I guess that makes me a mean girl. Boy-That-Escalated-Quickly-Anchorman 2. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:1 From Ann Voskamp…the challenge that found me this year, whether I was ready for it or not.

3. From Leah Libresco on saying “Amen” to God. And she touches on stillness and quiet in this post to, so you know, I had to!

Before I can just hope to be better, I need to make enough space and stillness that I have a chance of hearing when something is asked of me, especially if I want to be able to offer the service that is needed, not the one that makes me proud of my own strength.

4. From Mark Shea on the Epiphany.

5. Dr Greg Popcak’s Five Marks of a Catholic Family.

6. At Catholic Exchange Steven Rummelsburg discusses how Black Friday is unbridled consumerism at it’s lowest.

7. Amy Welborn shares Pope Benedict XVI’s words on the Magi in Cologne.

8. From Melanie Bettinelli on Antiphons and the Divine Office as a family prayer/religious education.

When people ask me what I use for religious ed curriculum, I usually tell them about the catechism books we have and that we read saints stories and Bible stories. But I usually forget to mention what I consider the true cornerstone of my program: the divine office. Praying at least some of the Liturgy of the Hours most days helps make our home into a true domestic church, it often prompts discussions about our faith, it makes our faith something we live and not just something we study. It is how I strengthen my own relationship with Christ and help my children to develop theirs.

9. Having recently become a “cat family” (yes, even Jeff), this post from Elizabeth Mahlou definitely left me very emotional.


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