Art and a Poem Day 8 January 7, 2014

Le Lagoon Henri Matisse 1944


Poetry Haiku about Coral Reefs

By: Bob D. Caterino

Coral wonderland
laying beneath the ocean
a fishes garden

Le Lagoon is another favorite painting by one of my most favorite artists ever, Henri Matisse. But finding a poem to match it proved much more challenging than I had anticipated. I like Matisse because color. Well, and also because despite being abstract-ish, you can typically figure out the intent. When I was getting married one of my young cousins (who is, gasp, 16 now) loved this picture in a Matisse calendar I had and told me it reminded her of Nickelodeon. I’m not sure how or why, but she made an association that she loved, and to me, that’s how you create art lovers. Anyway, back to the poem process. I wanted a poem that had something to do with the ocean and being underwater, but browsing my extensive poetry collection proved fruitless. Nothing fit. Ah, Sir Google, you do not let me down. After several misses at multiple sites, I came across this ones. In retrospect, I should have written my own haiku as it is the perfect medium both for nature poems and, it feels to me, any artwork of Matisse. And I love the form.