Turning and Turning Volume 1

Like sands through the hourglass…

It’s my first week in review post and it’s for the first week of 2014.

Here’s what happened this week around Chez H:

1. We endured Joseph’s breathing not improving til Monday morning when we went back to the pediatrician where they agreed he did not sound improved under our initial conservative treatment of seasonal change related asthma and the second practitioner after the first agreed there was probably pnuemonia in those there lungs that couldn’t be heard for the wheezing and most likely it was walking pnuemonia  so we kept the breathing treatment/steroid regimen and added an antibiotic. The change was dramatic after just the first dose.

2. We welcomed the New Year. With Little Caesars and wings. And movies. Turbo and We’re the Millers (which was literally filmed in front of where I work). Our neighbors insist on setting off illegal fireworks (of all the years for it NOT to rain on New Years Eve) which drive our dog way past insanity. And it was the first and last year my kids will see Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve. I planned ahead and knew Miley Cyrus was performing and that Jenny McCarthy was one of the “on-the-street” reporters, so I figured we’d tune in with 4-5 minutes to go to minimize that impact. So we tuned in just under 4 mins left and wouldn’t you know, there was Miley with Ryan Secrest, Debby Harry and two guys. Miley was wearing a coat, at least. Somewhere below them Melissa Etheridge was singing John Lennon’s Imagine while they talked and Miley went on and on about how she had a great 2013 and blah, blah, blah. Then they still managed to get to Jenny McCarthy on the street barking about how she was going to kiss someone and maybe it would be Miley (barf). They didn’t even show the ball moving and then went back to Jenny on the street making out with boyfriend Donnie Wahlberg (he’s sunk to an all new low) tongues and all. Nice. Disgusted I turned the tv off. Poor Dick Clark…if he’d only known…

3. We sent Shelby and Joseph back to school Thursday and Friday. While break has been great, Shelby especially, has missed school. And New Years Day, the boys spent most of the day at each other’s throats. Too much togetherness with Joseph’s sickness keeping him inside for 90% of break. And Shelby, as always, had to celebrate her first day back in her own way. She opened her bedroom window, threw her Dora books out it, and then climbed out it into the backyard. So, when I got up, there she was dancing in the rain (thankfully it’s not cold) on the back patio. Thankfully, also, our backyard is fenced in!

4. After roughly a year of being stuck on in World 2 on Super Mario Brothers Wii, this week we beat World 2, World 3, and World 4….in the same week. And working steadily toward beating World 5.

5. I cleaned out my inbox. Yeah, emails over 2 years old are now either sorted or deleted but they aren’t in the inbox anymore. For some reason the state of my inbox had started to really, really grate on me. I think I began to believe it might be a source of my scatter-brainedness? Maybe? Anyway, it’s done. I feel so in control (I know control is a total illusion) now.

Things I learned this week:

1. If you are going to lead a group of people or an organization that relies heavily on parental participation, you should probably have excellent people skills, communication skills and not use excuses as a cop-out for bad behavior. Oh, and also learn what it means when you type everything as all-caps. And not to be ugly and defensive when someone calls you on said bad behavior and such.

2. My kids really hate The Walking Dead. (okay, they’re not allowed to watch it but the music scares them if they hear it on)

3. Sometimes, you just have to let the haters hate and unplug. Eventually, they realize everyone stopped listening and they do shut up. At least for a few seconds.

4. I am capable of doing mammoth projects. I did, after all, clean out my gmail inbox of over 2000 emails.

Here’s what I was reading this week that struck a chord:

1. Dr Gregory Popcak at Catholic Exchange discussing if Catholic families should stand out as distinctly Catholic and what distinguishes (or should distinguish) a Catholic family from a just Christian one.

2. Also at Catholic Exchange, Father Nnamdi Moneme on how to bring Holy Order to the Family.

3. From Roxane B Salonen at Peace Garden Mama, her Treasure Tuesday post documenting her last visit with her father and the gift he gave his family by refusing to open a present at his last Christmas.

4. From Ann Voskamp, a new year’s manifesto.

5. At National Catholic Register, Simcha Fisher’s quiz reflecting on the year that was.

6. Mary Tyler Mom’s reflection on being a mom and the happy trade-offs.

7. DarwinCatholic makes the argument why, for him, facebook is here to stay and maybe the 3rd Place for all of us.

8. A guest post on Mediatio from Beth Anne on her family’s Italian Christmas traditions.

9. Always remarkable to me, that they never forget to mention our service men and women lost in the line of duty in their year-end remembrances. 

10. At National Catholic Register: a post about looking to Pope Francis for ones New Year’s Resolutions.

11. Also at the Register:  Pope Francis’ homily on the Solemnity of Mary.

12. From Mark Shea on whether to “parish shop.”

13. At Catholic Exchange Father James Farfaglia helps us in our quest To Know the Lord.

14. At Evangelical to Catholic, Anthony Baratta interviews revert Mark Cardaronella about how Catholics need to know not just the “what” but the “why.”

15. At the NCR, an unsettling reminder of the forgotten atrocities in the CAR. Well, Pope Francis hasn’t forgotten, Our Lady of Kibeho, pray for them! Pray for us that we do not forget!

16. A post from September at Carrots for Michaelmas which I find especially helpful to remember at the start of a new year.

17. Please pray for Simcha and her family during this time of painful loss.

18. Thanks to Rod Dreher for sharing this from the NYT…and who says ignorance isn’t bliss?

19. From Amy Welborn on the Epiphany.

20. From Melanie Bettinelli’s The Wine Dark Sea, the latest installment of her series on Professing the Creed: To Judge The Living and The Dead.

May God Bless You this week and always!