Seven Quick Takes Friday

— 1 —


Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve finished the antibiotics. Tuesday we finished the steroids. We are not doing breathing treatments round the clock anymore, just twice a day plus preventative twice a day. And that is soon going down to preventative twice a day. We survived a six-year-old being confined to the house for practically his entire Christmas break.

— 2 —

Holy wind Batman! We’re not getting snow, yesterday we had epic rain and today the wind is something out of a science fiction movie. We live near the beach, why not Sharknado?

— 3 —

Did you know, it the New Year? So, um, resolutions. Like Jen said in her 7, I’m not feeling called to any this year. At all. That’s not to say I’m not going to at least attempt to be a bit healthier but I’m not resolving to eat only vegetables or run a half marathon, I mean, let’s all be reasonable.

— 4 —

I am beginning to fulfill my word for 2014 though. I find myself blogging more, reading more and praying so much more not to mention the quiet my kids are seeking! So glad this word found me!

— 5 —

I’ve been merciless about cutting from  my blog reading though. Blogs that haven’t posted in over a year are slowly biting the dust (I’ve only been following about 200 or so, so, you know, a few have fallen through the cracks.) I’ve given up a lot of blogs that live solely for confrontation. Because I have enough of that in real life. Also increases to quiet see #4.

— 6 —

I am super tired from those round the clock treatments, but I did enjoy bonding with the boy during that time.

— 7 —

And in an additional celebration to the first day back to school, Joseph got an excellent behavior award for his first day back.

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  1. I’m glad asthma is one issue I haven’t had to deal with. I know what you mean about blog reading; it is so easy to get sucked in, to hit that “follow” button but after a while something has to give. I use feed readers and mostly skim titles. Something’s got to really catch my eye before I click through.

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