Small Successes–first in 2014



Sherry gets me everytime so I am back with Small Successes.

1. I have not missed a single breathing treatment yet. Granted, Joseph is getting 2 fewer today as a result of going back to school, I have gotten up for every single night treatment (excepting the one that Jeff offered to do). I really struggle with timed things so this is a good one for me to start the year on.

2. William and I did school today! And by “did school” I mean he drew a picture then narrated a story about it for me to write and then I drew various shapes at his request and we discussed their properties and he drew a few on his own. He was furious at his inability to draw a hexagon, but it was super ambitious for a four-year-old.

3. I have laundry moving in my house. It takes so much effort when everyone is home, but we’re back in the groove today.



One thought on “Small Successes–first in 2014

  1. Laundry is a pain the tuchus. Hmmph.
    Great successes though! Monday we start back to school. Pray for us… we’ve all been home for two weeks. Sigh.

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