It’s almost done

Christmas break. Tomorrow the two big kids go back to school and next Monday, Jeff returns. And we go back to our “grind” as it were.

Today was probably laid-back or low-key for a New Years Day. The boys and I stayed up to watch the ball drop which was a total disappointment. We watched Despicable Me 2 until about 5 minutes before the ball dropped specifically so that my kids would not be subjected to NBC’s poor choice of talent (Jenny McCarthy and Miley Cyrus) which they still ended up seeing but thankfully that was short-lived. And then they didn’t actually show the ball dropping they only showed crowd shots. So, next year, not gonna happen, we’ll find another way to celebrate.

We all slept in a bit and Jeff offered to handle Joseph’s 7:30 AM breathing treatment so I could get a little more sleep. We watched We’re The Millers (Jeff and I did) which was filmed primarily in our area with all the carnival and hospital scenes were filmed right outside our work. It was raunchy and predictably inappropriate. But I actually enjoyed it. After lunch, Jeff, Shelby and I took naps while the boys played video games. We ate our black eyed peas with dinner (pork chops) and just try to enjoy each other’s company.

Because of my late night and my own persistant, nagging cough and the fact that Joseph is still requiring so much in the way of treatment, we missed mass.

But tomorrow can’t come soon enough. Seriously. It is difficult to clean the house with so many bodies around. The boys are getting on each others’ nerves more especially since Joseph hasn’t been able to go outside for 90%+ or greater of the break.

Overall, it’s been a successful break. No one has broken any Christmas presents. Overall we’ve had little bickering or fighting. Shelby’s destruction has been kept to a minimum. The only bummer is we were unable to see my grandparents. They came to my parents’ home yesterday and the kids go back to school tomorrow and Friday and I work Saturday and with Joseph’s asthma/pneumonia regimen (we’ve finished his steroids and have 2 more days of antibiotics but are still doing round the clock treatments) it made the whole traveling anymore idea next to impossible.

Christmas is not over despite the kids going back to school, we still have a few more days of celebration and by celebration, I mean recovery. God Bless us, every one.