A Poem and Art

The Equestrian by Marc Chagall


Don’t Let That Horse…

Don’t let that horse
                              eat that violin


    cried Chagall’s mother


                                     But he
                      kept right on


And became famous


And kept on painting
                              The Horse With Violin In Mouth
And when he finally finished it
he jumped up upon the horse
                                        and rode away
          waving the violin
And then with a low bow gave it
to the first naked nude he ran across

~Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Melanie at The Wine-Dark Sea has a New Year’s Resolution to post art and poetry each day. Yeah, I’m not going to underestimate my ability to fail at that task by committing to it but what I am going to do, is post both as often as possible. Melanie and I have been part of the same art meme on facebook. I had crossed my fingers that Jen Ambrose would assign me Marc Chagall just so I could post this pic, but she chose for me an artist I was not familiar at all with which really expanded my horizons. Then I went to Melanie’s blog and found the first pic she had chosen was a Chagall and I got the biggest smile because I knew…I had to participate now! This poem written by Ferlinghetti is also a favorite and was, in fact, inspired by the painting (in case you couldn’t already tell that by looking at the painting and reading). I was introduced to both in college in a course I took called Literature of the Beat Generation. And it was one of those moments in my life when it was as if time just imprinted itself on my brain. Shortly after I graduated, Jeff found leaning against the dumpster in our apartment complex a Chagall print. Sadly, it wasn’t this one. But it’s been in our boys’ room for 10 years. So, here’s to today and sending a little art and poetry out into the otherwise ugly and un-poetic world.

One thought on “A Poem and Art

  1. Oh lovely.

    That reminds me of a poem we’ve been reading in the book Sophie got for Christmas:

    by Rachel Field

    See, they are clearing the sawdust course
    For the girl in pink on the milk-white horse.

    Her spangles twinkle; his pale flanks shine,
    Every hair of his tail is fine

    And bright as a comet’s; his mane blows free,
    And she points a toe and bends a knee,

    And while his hoofbeats fall like rain
    Over and over and over again.

    And nothing that moves on land or sea
    Will seem so beautiful to me

    As the girl in pink on the milk-white horse
    Cantering over the sawdust course.

    Thanks so much for playing along.

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