There just wasn’t enough Southern Comfort in it…

I am not a fan of eggnog. Never have been. When Jeff asked me about it while watching (of course) National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation I shuddered and gave him my “Blech!” face. He didn’t even raise his eyebrows and said, “when you had it there just wasn’t enough Southern Comfort in it.” Let me tell you, enough Southern Comfort would make me drink and enjoy pretty much anything. So, he’s probably right.

But I’ve been thinking which is extremely dangerous for me under normal circumstances but even worse now that I’m running painfully short on sleep. I continue to read all these stupid extremist things about the “state of the Church.” Some are papal related others are not. And basically, I’m going to stop reading them. Full stop. They aren’t helping me. But for me, it’s like people on both sides are saying, “If we all just agree to do it my way, we’ll all be happy.” What a load of horse manure. Sometimes I read things people write and think, “Did you consult the Holy Spirit before you wrote such careless, hateful things? Are you sure God told you to insult people full on? Or is sugar-coating it to this degree so that no-one could recognize your point a good thing?”

I love my church. I love that it is the ONLY church that Christ ordains in the Bible. I love the succession of Peter (as imperfect as that could be…starting with Peter himself who denied Christ and all throughout history) the rock on whom Christ built His church. I love the liturgy, the sacraments, but what I don’t love is how easily people are swayed from one extreme to the other. This isn’t something I can swallow down with enough Southern Comfort. In part because not enough exists in all eternity to even try and even if it did, it would be useless.

The rest of the world isn’t going to stop attacking Catholics if we stop attacking each other (and really believing in that whole “Catholic means universal” thing so many of us like to preach constantly) but we’d be better equip to deal with their onslaughts if we all came together. I’m not talking about compromising to make people happy, but I am talking about people praying and really listening to God. Truly seeking His will and His answers.