This post is brought to you by breathing treatments and steroids

Joseph is on his 5th breathing treatment today. That’s 2 at the doctor’s office and 3 at home now. In an hour he’ll do another one but of a different medication. He’s also taken his once daily steroid dose for today. In 4 hours he’ll do his next therapeutic treatment and so on every four hours for five days straight along with the steroid and finally for two weeks starting today the preventative treatment 2x per day.

Asthma, the gift that keeps on giving. People ask what it’s like to be the mom of a child with autism but seriously, it’s asthma that kicks my butt. Every.single.time. We’ve done ER trips, ambulance rides, multiple breathing treatments, action plans…it is extremely exhausting. But it’s the life I signed on for when I became his mother.

Just as I had no idea I would be an autism-mom when I first held Shelby, I had no idea the depth of breathing problems Joseph would have. I had no idea I would be counting respirations or putting my ear to his back to hear that tell-tale whistle. Or that I would be identifying smoke, seasonal change and illness as his primary triggers. Him being in the vicinity of smoke or having sudden weather changes (or just the regular ones) and the slightest hint of fever set off warning bells. Sometimes I think, how would I have survived this if I was his mom in the 1800s? And the truth is, he probably would not have survived had he been born back then.

So, the every four hours despite my working tomorrow, it’s not much of a sacrifice. I get a son out of it that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to go snuggle and watch movies with him.