Social Media spreads misunderstanding (aka why it’s so easy for haters to hate)

I was passive-aggressively, yet openly, chastised today for expressing wonder at a paradox of faiths and then basically told, well, you’re uncharitable because I don’t like something.

I can be a little bit annoyed, or I can just go about my business, but if I’m smart, I’d like to share with all of you what this has taught me.

Social media is great and horrible at the same time. I know, same story, different day.

Social media gives us the chance to both meet new people and keep in touch with people. It also gives multiple ways for people to, intentionally or otherwise, misunderstand. Sometimes people use this misunderstanding to grow or give others the opportunity to better articulate their position. Sometimes it can breed better understanding after all is said and done. And then sometimes, it just can’t. And it’s beginning to bore me. Badly.

Last year I left social media for a couple of months and it was pretty difficult because I had family members whose health was any which way and friends who needed that medium to let multiple people know about various issues and it really was difficult of me to say to them “email and text me separate from everyone else!” At the same time I left, another friend left. And she stayed gone longer. Upon my terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad first day of Christmas break, this friend suggested to me, let’s do it again. Let’s just walk away. And you know what, I’m not deactivating, but I’m not gonna engage anytime soon. Because I’m tired of people misunderstanding whether innocently or not and I’m so tired of it it’s zapping my energy for things that are good in my life.

So, if I seem quiet, know that I’m there in the shadows on my terms. I’m keeping my mouth shut intentionally and I’m ignoring the melee. I’m focusing on other, more important things. I don’t have time for hate or haters, so I’m gonna stop making time. Now.


One thought on “Social Media spreads misunderstanding (aka why it’s so easy for haters to hate)

  1. exactly šŸ˜‰ I don’t feel the need to de activate either but I do need to re focus. šŸ™‚ The truth is if we FOCUS on the MISSION and don’t get distracted…. we won’t get into useless arguments & blugh. we need to fill our mind with HIM!! ā¤ that doesn't mean we have to shut out everything else…. but we just need to make sure we are FILLED with Him! merry christmas my friend!

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