Let’s Get Really Riled Up About Stuff

While the rest of the internet is chasing its tail about Phil Robertson and if he is going to hell for expressing his beliefs (HEY, INTERNET, WORRY ABOUT YOUR OWN SOUL, UMKAY????), I am going to bring to light my own very controversial issues.

There are Christmas songs I don’t like.

I love almost all Christmas carols but some of the secular stuff out there, blergh!!!

Let me go ahead and link to Simcha Fisher and this highly admirable piece (in my opinion, trust me, no opinion is humble) about her great distaste for the Little Drummer Boy. I guess it goes without saying, I’m not a fan of the song. I never was a fan and as I get older, I feel it gets more “cringe-worthy.” “Mary nodded?” Really? A kid shows up with a drum and starts beating it around your sleeping or at least being quiet newborn and your reaction is to smile? CRINGE.

But, there are some even worse, allow me to illustrate.


Yeah, I’m pretty sure the kid who says “only a hippopotamus will do” either has the last name “Hilton” OR is in general wildly obnoxious. And it’s just not cute. It reeks of desperation.


Extra points for the annoying tune. And this is not the Mario Brothers Christmas.  (I’m a quarter Italian, I totes get to say things like that about this song.)


I just don’t know where to begin. I feel like he sat down and said, “Let’s write a pop song about Christmas.” And to start it, “Welcome to my Christmas song,” reeks of “I’m such a diva I gots my own Christmas song!”


Seriously? And it’s from their special ‘Ntimate Christmas. Barf. All I don’t want for Christmas is a boy band singing an insipid love song about being alone on this holiday.

And the boy bands aren’t the only teeny-boppers doing it.


I gotta twoferone with those two when my husband bought “Now that’s What I Call Christmas.”

Thankfully of the above mentioned, my kindergartener has only learned the water horse one (see first link). And he thought it was pretty dumb. See, in public school these days, kids aren’t allowed to learn religious Christmas carols. I’m not sure if we did when I was his age back in the Excess Eighties, but he only has learned secular songs this year. I am grateful they were mostly Jingle Bells, Rudolph and Jolly Old St Nicholas and the like for the most part. Thanks to Bible Study Fellowship, my four-year-old knows Joy to the World.

Now if only this special still aired on tv and my kids would know almost all the carols…





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  1. Aw, I like The Little Drummer Boy. The Christmas song that gets under my skin is Mary Did You Know–well of course she did. Duh!

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