I’m Just Not that Into You

For the seventh or eighth time I deleted a certain blog from my feed. And this time, it’s for good. I keep trying to think, “maybe they’ll offer me some new insight.” But it’s more like “Second verse, same as the first.”

My blog reading suffered a major, major setback when I didn’t have a computer for roughly a month. It was one of those things I both chose to do without and had to. Period. And now that I have a new computer, well, I’m just not completely interested in every blog I used to be. So, I am still reading, but I’m merciless with eliminating. There are only so many times I can listen to the same rant on the same subject by the same author and today I finally said, “You know, you haven’t changed my mind one bit on this with your 10,000 viritolic posts so sayonara.”

Okay, I only deleted one today, but more will probably be coming soon. An Evangelical friend of mine told me this about talk radio,  “i recognize it is VERY not good for my blood pressure. …i can’t do politics anymore. at all. some are called to be in it, care for it…. not me!!!!!!!” and I am thinking that totally applies to the blog I deleted today. But it’s not just blogs. It’s all kinds of stuff, facebook groups, news sites, comments sections…I guess I reached my tipping point. Enough is enough. I’m done. I’m tired of pretending. If I’m just not that into you, I’m going to leave.

Am I saying anything new here? No, not at all. I’m just saying my adioses are going to be more of the permanent kind right now. If it doesn’t bless you, it stresses you. So why bother? I’m not argumentative by nature, so why seek out argument. Not that I don’t mind a well-reasoned disention written in charity, but this is the internet, sometimes I think it can’t possibly exist anymore.  I enjoy it fleetingly  but I’m not putting up with the alternatives.

There it is folks, how to de-stress in Advent. 🙂