One week in…

I have been accused of lowering Advent expectations. To which I say: guilty!

A week in and I have an Advent wreath solution: it involves construction paper. I’ll reveal in week 4, I promise.

Our tree is still not up (point for Jeff) but all our other decorations are out.

Shelby has collected the majority of those decorations in her room.

Jeff and Will have come to an arrangement about the tree. See, Will is seeing decorations all over the neighborhood and he really wants our tree up. So next weekend, we will put the tree up. And put lights only on it.

We managed a St Nicholas day with minimal drama. The only drama was that Shelby found the stash of clementines and ate them. All. But the boys assured me they are not clementine fans so it was okay. We also didn’t get candy canes because the kids dislike mint candy canes and I am not a fan of those “candy-flavored” candy canes. We all agree on Bob’s Candy Canes, but I couldn’t find them anywhere! I hope they are still in business.

This is what the kids woke up to on Friday.


They got almonds, pistachios and a stuffed toy. And behind those are two foam “puzzles” one with alphabet letters the other with numbers. And it got used quickly that morning.

IMG_0871Slow and steady seems to suit us. At least this year. Stillness and quiet time for God. And that was with an opthamologist appointment for one child and a field trip for another one last week. Blessings for another great week of Advent.