God and Control

Submission. Not a popular word in our society. Well, let’s push the obvious exception out of our heads and think about submission as a non-exclusively sexual gift of love and giving of oneself. Well, that’s not exactly the hot item of the minute.

It’s not exactly considered “progressive” for a woman to declare that she is submissive to her husband and it draws for many the picture of a loveless controlling marriage. And as human beings, we have a hard time believing that submission to another, any other, is not to squash any beauty, love, and happiness in our lives.

Submission, however, is true beauty, love and happiness when it comes to submitting to the will of God. And that submission brings about freedom. The great freedom of knowing God is in control and that He will not allow anything outside of His will to happen to us.

So, everybody should be doing it? Right?

God gave us free-will for a reason. If it were easy, would it be worth it? Would we appreciate it? And our free will allows us the illusion of control. And for many of us, we latch on believing we can make things happen. We can make everything right. We know just as well, or even better, than God for ourselves, our families and any just about anything else in this world.

That’s a whole dangerous line of thinking. Dangerous as it leads us to eventually believing we do not need God. It’s usually then that we get knocked on our knees and learn we’re in the perfect position to pray.

But when we are able to give and give fully of our precious self-control. When we acknowledge that God is NOT our co-pilot but is and should be our PILOT is when we are given over to His grace, His peace and His precious, precious mercy.

This is what we should be teaching our children. They should see our faith in action as we prayerfully discern life decisions, as we look to the Cross and seek direction from Him through the Holy Spirit. See us asking in prayer and in our reading of scripture. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, would He not also be the way to guide us in ALL our lives.

I know, it sounds like I sit here and have all the answers. That doesn’t mean I follow them all the time. I try but often the problem I try to hand over to Christ, I hand over with hands clenched and knuckles white. Sometimes He has to pry my hands open. Not exactly joyful submission. And that is sometimes over stupid stuff.

So, it takes my breath away when people like Dwija of House Unseen submit in such a profound and beautiful way.That she is willing to walk through her process and share is a powerful example to all of us of the beauty of submission to God’s will. It is not without risk of our not understanding God’s will and sometimes even being upset because we can’t understand, however, the benefits remain. The grace is there, even if it takes years to realize and acknowledge. Every day, every moment we make the conscious decision to “give it over to God” whatever “it” may be, we are learning how to be His children and the beauty of submitting to Him and opening ourselves up for rewards only He is capable of giving. ¬†Control is not precious, God’s love for His children is. And when we can give up our illusions of needing and wanting control and allow Him the gift of our submission, we can stand in His light and feel His embrace.


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