Unplanned, unscheduled, unpredictable fasting

October 26 I went to turn on my desktop only to discover, it died. It turned on but that was all it did. Which meant I had no access to social media including blogging and only limited email.

I figured I would use November to buy Christmas presents and try to save a little $ and save more in December for a new computer. After all, losing the computer wasn’t a huge deal but a bit of a nuisance.

Then Jeff’s car broke down and needed repairs. And my car needed repairs. To the tune of over $1100. And game changer. No Christmas presents this month for sure. And forget saving $ at all before January. Time for plans B, C and D.

So, this last month, I’ve found joy in Bible study and reading, prayer, much more time with the kids. So much more that a few times the boys had to remind me they had each other to play with and Shelby even walked me to the living room and left me there while walking back to her bedroom. 🙂

But I saw so much growth going on with my spiritual life and reading the Old Testament, I can’t say the time was a loss. At all.

And despite the difficulties keeping in touch with people and the annoyances of not getting my emails that were a little time sensitive. I was slowly adjusting to the new normal which I figured would be until, well, the extended future.

Today we had planned for my parents to visit to celebrate an early Thanksgiving since we’ll be at Jeff’s Dad’s for the actual meal on the day. We were excited to see their pictures from their pilgrimage to Italy in October to visit Assisi, Orvieto, Peruggia, Bagnoregio, and Rome. And see the items they got for the kids. When they arrived, shortly after I got home with Joseph from mass, they came bearing gifts including a wrapped one that I figured was just a larger item from Italy. Shelby got a Saint Clare icon for her patron saint. The boys each got small pictures of St Francis of Assisi. Of course the big question (especially from little people) was what’s in the box?

So, we opened it. Ta-da! It was a laptop! So, I’m baaaaack! I’ve had so  many things percolating and sitting on them has not been easy but hopefully I will be able to harness them and share. And I’m so thankful to my parents who stepped up and helped us. While it may seem like a small thing, it was incredibly kind and thoughtful and completely a surprise.



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