Respecting Life, Not Brainwashing Our Daughters or Put the Cookie Down, Slowly and No One Gets Hurt

Soon enough some adorable little girls in your neighborhood may be stationed outside the local grocery store. Or going door to door with a parent looking over their shoulder.

As the catch-phrase goes: It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time!

But a healthy waist-line is the least of the reasons why you may want to pass.

Once upon a time, quite a while ago, I was a Brownie and late Girl Scout. The organization was great. I have fond memories of camping and crafts and swimming. I wasn’t a good sales person, so you know, not so much about cookie selling, but yes on cookie eating. At that time, the Girls Scouts were forming young women to be responsible young adults. There were badges for Childcare, Ms Fix It, Pet Care, among others.

But all good things of this world, it would seem, must come to an end.

Girl Scouts USA has allowed local organizations to partner with Planned Parenthood for a variety of issues. Most notably, sexual education materials. In fact, Planned Parenthood distributed a brochure entitled “How to Know You Are Ready for Sex” with the Girl Scouts logo on the back. Not only is the fact that the logo exists on this brochure disturbing in and of itself, it is also a sure-fire propoganda that will work on impressionable young girls and women. Girl Scouts is good. They endorse Planned Parenthood ergo Planned Parenthood and the “reproductive services” they offer are also good. In the mind of a young woman in her early teenage years, the logical leap is not far.

This is where the Girl Scouts stop and say, “Now, wait, wait, wait, did you READ our FAQs? Our one stop shop with all the answers to this silly, silly questions?” Well, sure, take a look. And if you’re wavering, here’s the resolve you need and the background for the broad statements those FAQs offer.  It’s a tangled, dangerous web they weave and to have this kind of misleading stop-loss tactic in place, doesn’t help them hold onto the discerning parent who does the extensive homework.

Many, many people have fallen for “well, the troop is at our parish and therefore, they don’t partner with Planned Parenthood.” Well, not on the local level, perhaps, however, considering how the national level allows and in some cases encourages this partnership, and most of that cookie money goes right back to nationals, it’s probably not a bad idea for most parish troops to close up shop.

So, where does that leave us when a cute little girl in brown or green is standing on our doorstep? Well, in years past, I’ve been horrified to read of adults telling young children no because and then laying out the entire PP agenda sanctimoniously. Nothing wrong with saying no, but that connection is something a parent should be discussing with their child and should it make anyone feel good to proselytize to a child who is most likely doing this with an unwitting parent’s consent or blessing?

Well, this year, Abby Johnson has come up with an answer to that conundrum. Decline and don’t say anything. But do hand the adult with the child this. If the parent is waiting in a car (it’s happened in my neighborhood) perhaps have a blank envelope ready to stuff it into and quickly seal and politely decline the sale and ask the child to give this envelope to her parent. Most parents do not know. And if they don’t care, fine, you’ve made your point and you’ll probably avoid future visits at least from that family. But you’ve not stood by blindly and you haven’t blown a child out of the water with rhetoric she may not have any idea what to do with.

Perhaps, with gentle persuasion, more parents will decide to leave the organization or reform from within. I do believe that Planned Parenthood has corrupted far too many of these organizations and perhaps, we can help save a few with education. If not, so be it. Our daughters deserve better. Our daughters deserve to learn about true feminine-genius and they definitely deserve to not be a pawn in the pro-death camp.