Light In Darkness

Joining Maria to shed some light in the darkness of our world.

I get tired of hearing negative things about special education. Yes, I know the abuse and neglect and mistreatment of children out there. As the mother of a child with special needs, I will never be able to ignore when these things happen. The problem is, there are a lot of good things happening and good teachers out there. However, because of the few bad apples that the media reports on, you would never know it.

My daughter’s teacher works very hard, puts in long hours and gets great results. So, when I realized I could make her positive contributions known both in the school and beyond, I chose to do it. And I asked two other parents to help me. Together, we nominated our children’s teacher for the local news station’s Teacher of the Week program. And she received the honor. My child happened to be featured in the piece they did for the local news, but I am sharing this not for that reason. I am sharing it because wonderful teachers are out there, even in special education. And they deserve to be acknowledged. Shelby’s teacher is the type of teacher I would want for any child.



2 thoughts on “Light In Darkness

  1. Thank you for sharing Shelby’s teacher w/ us! It truly is a blessing for your dear daughter & her classmates to have this wonderful woman there for them. We need more teachers like her!

  2. That is awesome! I know a special ed teacher and she is remarkable. She has won some awards too. Thanks for sharing and for honoring your child’s teacher in this way!!

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