Light in Darkness

Again, with Maria of Four Blessings Academy, finding moments of joy, love and light in a world of darkness.

This week I don’t have a video or article to link to, but a personal story.

William did not get into our state pre-k program this fall because we make a very small amount over the income level and he did not qualify in any of the other “at-risk” options. Joseph did last year,  but with my income and Jeff’s annual pay-increase, we didn’t qualify this year, sadly. We were very disappointed as we can not afford pre-school even on scholarship levels offered by the schools and although our family offered to help us with the cost, we got the news so late about him not getting in that all the local programs were full and had extensive waiting lists or were no longer taking children on their waiting lists. I was pretty dejected and began the process of un-schooling (I abandoned my more structured model the first week when it was clear Will is an inquiry based learner and everything I was doing was not working) for pre-K.

Will is learning so much. In addition, we are going on play-dates with neighbors doing things like leaf rubbings. And, if this could not get any more awesome, socialization is one of the things I worried quite a bit about as most of the group playdates we go on have mostly kids younger than  him. So, I was so excited to find out Will got into the children’s pre-school program at BSF! While I go and meet with my group and listen to lecture, he is in a classroom setting learning about God/ The Gospel of Matthew and getting in good socialization as well. And he LOVES it! It is only a couple of hours a week, so it gets him used to the structure of school in small, manageable increments and because it is with someone who is not me, it works to introduce this now.

Last week, as we were leaving his first class, I asked Will if he learned about Jesus and he said, “No, Mama, I learned about God, Jesus, AND the Holy Spirit.” Talk about a happy moment for me. Our parish doesn’t offer faith formation for children in pre-k so I know this will give him some foundation and since Joey is in kindergarten faith formation this year and has told me they are learning the Hail Mary and about Mary, I think what Will is learning will segue nicely into his first year of FF next year.

Having two sons on fire for Christ? Definitely a light in our world. Exposure to the SON is preventing BURNING!


3 thoughts on “Light in Darkness

  1. When one door opens, God always opens another! It sounds like things are starting off great for your boys this year. I know from my own children how great it is to hear them speak of their love for God & our Faith. Many blessings here for you & your family! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Awwww – yay! Total win!

    This made me so happy. What little sparks of joy. Thank you for sharing this! May you (and they!) continue to be blessed with such love of God throughout the year.


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