Light In Darkness

If you’re at all active in social media, you have probably read The Letter written to Karla Begley about her son with autism, Max. Well, in an amazing turn of events since that day, Max is not a pariah, he’s a rock star. And the troll who wrote the letter, is hiding under a rock somewhere. Take for example this, which happened the week after the letter became public.

This is the text that accompanied the pic from Surfers Healing founder Izzy Paskowitz:

When we first heard the horrible hate letter sent to Karla Begley Maxwell’s mom. We were in North Carolina on our Surfers Healing tour. Needless to say upset someone hiding in the dark could hurt so many of us with children with special needs.

And as fate would be as most of the best things that has happened to me and my family seems to be destiny, as it was meeting and paddling with Max. In Toronto, Canada.

I wanted to post this photo of Love and Support from all the Surfers Healing Boys. – Joshua, Joe, Josh, Kalani, Kamakani, MAX, Justin, Kumu, Jackson, Garrett and Izzy Paskowitz Paskowitz Surf Camp The Paskowitzes Autism Speaks Talk About Curing Autism National Autism Association – New York Metro Chapter Special Needs Network Surf Industry Manufacturers Association Stokes Me

Thank You Karla & Jim Begley.

Again, as Martin Luther King Jr said, “Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.” Look at the love in that pic.


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