Five Favorites



1. Awesome kindergarten teachers. Joey’s teacher is amazing and so are the other three at his school. And they are all so awesome that he will have the chance to work with all four every week through a “group” setting project. I love how they adore all the children and the children love them right back.

2. Kind Bars


Yeah, Hallie touted them last week and I will chime in. After Surfers Healing in Ocean City, there was a Kind bar in Shelby’s goody bag. It was Almond and Coconut. I ate it and it was fabulous. It tasted like an Almond Joy sans chocolate. Amazing. We sell them at my work and I tried the Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew bar this week and it is to die for. Like Hallie said. Yummy, healthy and VERY filling.

3. My cat. He totally gets me. He is comforting and gentle and when you are upset, he will lie as close to being your chest as he can, snuggle under your chin if possible and purr contentedly until you feel like there is nothing wrong with the world. He also sits in our front window and waits for us to get home. I love him!

4. This song for a while now (but just getting around to posting it now):

5. And this story, love bears all things, hopes all things, believes all things. Love never fails.